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FL - Orlando-Cleveland Flight Delayed Due To ‘Emotional Support Squirrel’ Tantrum (Video)

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A Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Cleveland was delayed for two hours after the police were called in to remove an elderly woman and her pet squirrel from the aircraft.

The woman claimed that the animal had to travel with her in the cabin because it offers her "emotional support".

It marks another addition to a long list of ‘emotional support animal’ tantrums on US airlines this year.

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A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines told local television channel WFTV: "the passenger had reported that she would bring a therapy animal, but did not indicate that it was a squirrel."

"Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights."

The Frontier website indeed explicitly states that rodents are not admitted. The same applies to reptiles, hedgehogs and insects.

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Yet the woman managed to pass all control points with her squirrel. Only in the plane, she was told by the cabin crew that the animal was not wanted there. The passenger, however, refused to leave the aircraft and Frontier Airlines in the end resorted to calling the police.

As the passenger refused all cooperation, the police officers decided to completely clear the plane so they could remove her.

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On video images shared on social media, you can see how the woman was eventually taken off the aircraft in a wheelchair.

As the other passengers cheer and clap because the plane is finally freed again and they will depart with a two-hour delay, she reacts with a raised middle finger and afterward with a thumb in the air.

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It is not the first time that someone is trying to get a very unusual therapy animal into an airplane.

In January, a woman claimed that her peacock Dexter had to fly with her to offer her emotional support. In February, another woman rinsed her hamster through the toilet to be able to join Spirit Air.


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3 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 39075 2018-10-11 : 10:31

The middle finger display indicates her political views towards needs of others.

Hey Congress if they are emotionally UNSTABLE to fly without a pet holding their hold….don't let them fly.

Pigs crapping in isle, birds flying around, you name it…. REQUIRE all such emotional support pets and passengers be evaluated by a State Certified Professional Therapist. Make the passenger pay for the mental lube job.

Anonymous No. 39099 2018-10-11 : 15:58

Great now that I switched my companion support animal from a peacock to a squirrel I still cannot fly. All joking aside I agree with the previous comment that people that seem to think they need some farm or wild animal as a comfort tool to fly should stay in their homes or drive with their crazy shit.

AnonyMOUSE No. 39304 2018-10-13 : 21:20

That's just nuts!

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