By: Savannah Smith | 06-19-2017 | News
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Drunk Farmer Dies After Pet Pig Bites His Penis Off

People always say don’t mess with drunks, but maybe they should add, drunks, in turn, should not mess with pigs if they know what’s good for them. A farmer died after coming off drunk, bothering his pet pig, and triggering a fight with the animal. The pig fought back and bit his penis off as well as three of his fingers.

Miguel Anaya Pablo, 60, of Tuxtepec, Mexico came home drunk from a night out and provoked the pig who lives with him by jumping up and knocking him over. An aggressive tussle broke out between man and pig. The pig became so angry and aggressive that it chomped off Pablo’s manhood before biting off his three fingers.

Pablo was lying in a pool of blood on the floor when neighbors found him. The neighbors then called an ambulance, and he was rushed to the hospital. Pablo, unfortunately, did not survive the cuts and wounds caused by the pig’s bites became infected. Pablo was later pronounced dead.

An autopsy will be performed to establish the exact cause of Pablo’s unfortunate death. It is not clear yet what will be done to the pig or how it is doing after the unexpected fight with its drunken owner which took a horrific and tragic turn.


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Anonymous No. 3933 2017-06-19 : 07:41

Phsewww. I was really worried about you for a minute there Jim. Dont scare me like that! Also, i hope you learn from this mans tragedy Jim. Be nice to your oinkers!

Anonymous No. 4212 2017-06-24 : 16:21

His family'll never think of sausages the same way again

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