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TX - Four Dead, One Wounded in Shooting at Child’s Birthday Party

It was supposed to be a wholesome, fun and most of all friendly gathering among family and friends in South Texas, especially since it is a toddler’s birthday party. However, some of the adults attending the said celebration on Saturday afternoon did not only forget to be in their best behavior for the kids to emulate but tragically became violent, too. An argument among adults escalated into a shooting that soon left four men dead, and a fifth man wounded.

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Authorities said that the violent incident happened at a child’s first birthday in Taft, 12 miles (19 kilometers) north of Corpus Christi. Sgt. Nathan Brandley said those involved in what started as a mere altercation involved distant relatives.

The authorities including the Texas Department of Public Safety did not specify yet what the men argued about that led to such a violent incident.

Those killed include 62-year-old Juan Espinoza, Jr.; 20-year-old Juan Sandoval III; 22-year-old Jeremy Sandoval; and 25-year-old Nicky Sandoval. The Sandovals are grandsons to Espinoza.

Another relative was wounded, 43-year-old Juan Espinoza, Jr. who was airlifted to a Corpus Christi hospital. Brandley said the younger Espinoza is expected to survive.

Brandley said that a 20-year-old man is in police custody as a suspect to the shooting. The man’s 37-year-old father is also a suspect in the violent incident, but Brandley said he has not been arrested yet.

The authorities opted not to release the suspects’ identities yet.


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