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NC - Wendy’s Worker Fired For Putting “Chubby” On Customer’s Receipt

A customer in a Wendy’s branch in North Carolina clearly gave his name along with his order to the crew manning the cashier. The staff, however, still chose to refer to him not by his name, but derisively as “chubby”, and paid a hefty price for the insult. The franchise owner of the Wendy’s store confirmed that the erring employee has been fired.

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The Carolina Restaurant Group also issued a statement on Tuesday saying they apologized to the customer involved identified as Jimmy Shue. The identity of the terminated employee has not been released yet.

Shue recounted that he went to the Gastonia restaurant this month and ordered two sandwiches, and also gave his name to the staff, “clear as day.”

When Shue got his receipt, he saw that his name has been listed instead as “Chubby.” He found the gesture offensive as it was clearly intended to mock his weight. He also shared that another employee hesitantly called out “Chubby” to notify him that his order was ready. Shue then heard other Wendy’s patrons laughing. It added to his humiliation.

Shue was embarrassed by the whole thing and decided to just leave the store. Bothered, however, by the insensitive and otherwise completely avoidable incident he was subjected to, he reached out to Wendy’s corporate office to report to them what was done to him at the Gastonia branch.

Wendy’s took proper measures and fired the erring and insensitive employee, something that would not have happened if only the staff wrote down the customer’s quite easy name- Jimmy.


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Anonymous No. 39634 2018-10-17 : 16:51

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Whitey No. 39636 2018-10-17 : 17:13

Well when I am called for my order the staff call out “Hot stud” or “Super hero bod guy” or “Whitey”!!!

Anonymous No. 39638 2018-10-17 : 17:17

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Tab No. 39641 2018-10-17 : 17:46

fast food relies upon chubbies for their existence. they can't go five minutes without stuffing more food in their ugly faces. then they want to preach to everyone about global warming. they eat enough for three or four people. fuck them!

Anonymous No. 39644 2018-10-17 : 19:20


Chaz drake No. 39661 2018-10-18 : 00:58

If you don't like to be called a fat fuck and you are a fat fuck then stay out of Wendy's you fat fuck!

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