By: Savannah Smith | 10-18-2018 | News
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GA - Boy Dies of Electrocution While Retrieving Football From A Fence

A 12-year-old boy in Augusta, Georgia was just delighting in playing football when he got involved in an unfortunate accident. He was electrocuted while trying to retrieve the ball. He tragically died in the process.

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The boy’s parents are now anxious to know what exactly happened to make sense of how they lost their precious child in such an unexpected and untimely manner when he was just playing casual, supposedly harmless football.

Melquan Robinson was playing football at a baseball field in Augusta with some friends. One of the players tossed the ball a little too far and Robinson immediately went after it. He climbed over the fence to get the ball back but was electrocuted in the process.

A live war was said to be touching the fence and caused the electrocution.

Two of Robinson’s friends were shocked with what happened but stunned as they were, they were alert and brave enough to try pulling the seventh-grader off the fence.

The young boys were rushed to the hospital where they are expected to be okay. There are no reports yet as to what injuries they may have sustained as a result of the accident.

Authorities are already investigating. City officials will focus on how the wire energized the fence. It is still not established if the accident and unwanted tragedy aside if anyone will be held accountable to the young boy’s death if any violations were made with the presence of a live wire in the said fence.

A family relative of the Robinsons gave some comforting words. Don Clark said: “This young man was where he needed to be. He was doing what he loved. He was doing what was tied to his passion, which was playing football.”


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tab No. 39708 2018-10-18 : 12:37

someone did this intentionally… after-all, it's a black neighborhood.

Anonymous No. 39726 2018-10-18 : 15:22

Several local papers say he and other family were only shocked badly … not killed.

anonymous No. 39753 2018-10-19 : 01:55

OMG this is just to terri-oh wait is a nigger, carry on.

Local papers correct facts No. 39774 2018-10-19 : 09:55

Anon-39726 here again….

The Local paper , The Augusta Chronicle has updated (corrected) its story.

The boy did die. But according to the paper it was odd how it happened.

Semi-Quoting to clarify the reporters writing style …


Melquan were throwing a football and it went over the fence. Melquan climbed the fence to get the ball and when he CAME BACK OVER , he was electrocuted, the incident report states. A friend tried to pull Melquan from the fence and he too was injured, according to the incident report."

So Melquan was electrocuted not the 1st time he climbed the fence, but the 2nd time within minutes of each other?

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