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Moby Depicts Trump As Hitler, then kills him, in New Music Video

In what is most likely another desperate attempt to stay relevant in the music industry another ‘artist’ has made a music video depicting President Trump as Hitler before killing him.

In the video for Moby’s new single “In This Cold Place,” there are several animated characters from a decades-old pop culture such as the Super Mario Brothers, the Care Bears, and Mickey Mouse among others.

The Video starts off as a depiction of a Hitler-esque leader rising to power who is clearly intended to portray President Donald J. Trump.

Throughout the video “The Resistance” is portrayed by the animated characters who fight back against the Trump figure as he destroys society. Inevitably the character with the Trump resemblance attempts to conquer the globe.

In a climax scene of chaos, the toons actually blow up the President Trump look-alike after he turns into a golden swastika. It's a brutal and grim reality of just how demented the liberals of today's society actually are.

In fact, liberal isn't even the correct term anymore. Anarcho-Communists, Marxist driven social justice warriors, degenerate progressives, Antifa, Black Lives Matter thugs, and outright anti-American sentiment has taken over the left wing entirely.

It's no longer the Anti-War party of free speech. It's now the Anti-White party which has waged war on traditional values.

Such a video is horrendous of course after the recent shootings at the Congressional Baseball Practice which made headlines and sent shockwaves across America. However, those tremors aren't enough for this shekel grabbing Marxist opportunists such as Moby to seize the moment to make a few coins off the current unease in America.

Albeit the current rhetoric, as despicable as it may be is still a protected free speech. However, it further displays that morals and compassion are nonexistent in today's Babylonian society of decrepit values.

In a statement about the video Moby said, “As time has passed, I’ve wanted more and more for my work to somehow reflect my political concerns and my worldviews and issues that are important to me.” I suppose that showing the President of the United States being killed, the same nation Moby makes his proceeds and fortune from in large amounts of money, is ‘important’ to him.

In speaking about his animator and illustrator for the video, Steve Cutts, Moby said Cutts asked him, “Oh, do you think we can get away with this?’” Moby responded, “And I was like, ‘Yeah, why not, just make it, go as far you want.

Moby went into the state, “The criteria that you would use to determine where you draw the line is simply what’s effective and what’s legal. And I don’t mean ‘legal’ in a cowardly way. I mean legal in a way that would lead something to be taken off the internet. Because you can make the best content in the world but if YouTube and Facebook won’t let people see it, then what’s the point of having this great content?” Quite disturbing to say the least.

Several others from the Administration are depicted in the video as well including Steve Bannon, Theresa May, Rupert Murdoch and Kim Jong Un.

Another sick and twisted liberal mindset in action America. It's most certain that if this continues America is headed for civil war and if that doesn't happen the left is literally handing President Trump the next election.


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Anonymous No. 3971 2017-06-20 : 02:34

This is disgusting Moby deserves the Rope

Anonymous No. 3972 2017-06-20 : 03:16

Kind of wish Eminem beat him up at those music awards all those years ago

Anonymous No. 3973 2017-06-20 : 03:37

Day of the rope is coming.

Anonymous No. 3976 2017-06-20 : 09:05

Seriously fuck Moby

Anonymous No. 3992 2017-06-20 : 17:54

Moby is a piece of human garbage

Anonymous No. 3995 2017-06-20 : 19:25

Killing Chump would just make the dog shit a martyr, just impeach the fuck and throw him out, maybe set the irs on him

Anonymous No. 3996 2017-06-20 : 19:33

How dare he!! I feel so freaking triggered right now!! Fuck Mobi!!!, fuck freedom of speech!!!

Anonymous No. 4010 2017-06-21 : 02:37

Anonymous 6/20/2017 20:33:43 No. 3996

How dare he!! I feel so freaking triggered right now!! Fuck Mobi!!!, fuck freedom of speech!!!

Don't worry, chumps already planning on the limitation of freedom of speech.

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