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New York - Liberal Upper West Side To Remove ‘Trump’ Sign

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New York is a known liberal stronghold, no wonder then that a number of residents are unhappy that Republican Trump is the country’s President. Some could not even stand their affluent condominium building bearing the name “Trump Place.”

The letters spelling out just that - “Trump Place”- on the facade of the condo building located at 200 Riverside Boulevard will be taken down by workers on Thursday after a vote from the condo’s board made the move official.

It is a 46-story building located between the 69th and 70th streets. Some of the residents lobbied strong and hard to tear the Trump name from their building following his 2016 upset win in the presidential election.

Some of those residents feel they should distance themselves from politics even as one of the residents admitted that the Trump name may have once contributed significantly to the value of the apartments.

The job of prying off the letters “Trump Place” from the condo building will cost around $23,000. The condo board said 69.3 percent of unit owners voted in favor of taking down President Trump’s name from the building’s east and west facades.

One resident was against the idea of taking down Trump’s name from the building, arguing logically that it was there in the first place. The dissenting resident said: “I am adamant that the sign should remain on the building. We bought in the building with it. There is no reason to take it down.”

The building bought the rights to use the Trump name for $1 in 2000 under a four-page licensing agreement back then. The board sought to ask a New York State Supreme Court judge whether they were required to keep the name in perpetuity under said agreement.

The Trump Organization stood their ground and argued that the 2000 agreement meant that the name could never be taken down. The judge, however, ruled in May in favor of the board, stating that the board could very well take down the signs if that is the wish of the residents.

Trump helped developed the building complex in the 1990s which used to be just an old railroad yard. Trump no longer owns the said buildings, but the Trump Organization still has a contract to manage the building until 2019’s end.


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Truth 2 reprogram NPC`s to PC`s No. 39737 2018-10-18 : 17:10

Bah the vile leftist`s want persecution of all conservative`s & Christ loving people.

Perhaps it is time they become hunted, persecuted & shouted down. Just perhaps they need to feel what it is like to be treated as they treat others.

Spanky No. 40246 2018-10-24 : 11:31

What a bunch of bed wetting sooks

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