By: Savannah Smith | 10-21-2018 | News
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CA - ‘Cat Daddy’ Rapper Arrested For Past Charges Just As He Was Hooking Up

The timing of his arrest couldn’t have come at a worse time, as he was looking forward to having some “ fun action” with the woman he fancies rather than being hauled off to go to jail.

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One of the guys behind the “Cat Daddy” dance craze has been arrested in LA. However, he was rather preoccupied at the time by more exciting things he could be doing with the woman he just met at 2 a.m.

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Jovan “Pee Wee” Clayton, a former member of the Rej3ctz was arrested early Thursday morning by bounty hunters. They told him they were getting him for an outstanding domestic battery warrant, but he was just too distracted, as the rapper was so into the woman he met on Instagram named Lima.

They had just met in person when the hunters broke it all up by arresting him, leading to his frustration over the interrupted fun or what could have been a “good time” for him.

The hunters then dropped the bomb on him. The rapper’s “dream girl” turned out to be one big “traitor.” She was, in fact, the confidential informant who dropped the dime on him, so to speak.

Before that, the men even told Clayton that they found 3 boxes of condoms in her truck, but he replied he was cool with it since he was about to “’f* the s* outta her.” He was surprised, however, when they told him she also happened to have a particular sex toy.

Here’s the video:

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LAPD booked the rapper for felony domestic abuse. His bail was set at $100K.


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Hardeharharhar! No. 39996 2018-10-21 : 17:41

Now he can be a bitch for Barry.

No rubber doinks needed now

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