By: Savannah Smith | 10-24-2018 | News
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MO - Boy With Autism Bullied. Had a Gun Pointed To His Head (Video)

A disturbing video has been posted online showing a young boy being punched by an older boy and having a gun pointed at his head.

The incident happened in Independence, Missouri on Saturday near 23rd Street and Noland Road.

The shocking video shows the boy kneeling on a sidewalk in front of another older boy. The older boy is not wearing a shirt. Others could also be heard in the video taunting the boy, bullying him to kiss the older boy’s feet.

The older boy who was at one point off-frame from the camera even disturbingly holds a gun to the head of the boy who’s kneeling.

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While it is yet to be established if the gun is real, it is still shocking and violent.

The kneeling boy next gets up and tries to walk away, but the older boy launches an attack and hits him in the face. The older boy then follows the younger one and hits him several more times.

The mother of the boy held at gunpoint has already come forward. She is Emily Bridges and shared that his son is a 13-year-old teen on the autism spectrum. She said that her son Darren came home that Saturday with bruises on his face.

Bridges reported the matter to the police.

Police have already identified the suspects in the said disturbing video. Investigators said that a 17-year-old person of interest has turned himself to the authorities. His identity is being withheld for now until formal charges are filed against him. Two other teens are also in custody in relation to the incident in the video.

It is not yet clear what the complete story is behind the video, and why the younger kid was being threatened and attacked that way.


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NPC Joe Fux Everybody No. 40288 2018-10-24 : 17:01

All immigrants are good. All gangbangers are good. Nobody is illegal. Leave everyone be so they can live & make $ how they choose.

Orange hair man bad. Autist`s bad. They bring the truth to light and THAT IS VERY BAD!

Anonymous No. 40291 2018-10-24 : 17:20

Autistics's, retard's, and cripple's are unholy stanists.

Anonymous No. 40298 2018-10-24 : 18:13

Fucking Stan.

Reverend S.M. Robinson-Worley No. 40301 2018-10-24 : 18:28

As a Jr High Teen I experienced similar harassment repeatedly from a neighborhood older teen. (W/O a hand gun) Several years after leaving Joplin MO; Returned to learn that male was now serving time for other crimes committed as an adult. It is VITAL that Parent's teach MORALITY, TEN COMMANDMENTS, BROTHERLY LOVE, GOLDEN RULES to their children. All PARENT's MOM & DAD should work together to raise their kids well. Sadly, too many Homes have ONE PARENT attempting to teach morality, while the other PARENT lives a life opposite in front of their children! This causes total lack of stability in child development! Sadly; The resultant long term affect, is that the Child/Children, in such a home environment will 'take after' > 'follow the bad examples of the a-moral undisciplined Parent. Then those children end up in crime or perversion as adults.

Anonymous No. 40302 2018-10-24 : 18:59

lol @ that trailer trash

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