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UT - Teen Filmed, Helped With Suicide Of Girl

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Authorities have confirmed that the Utah teen accused of aiding a classmate to commit suicide and even filming the ordeal has pleaded guilty to homicide charges.

19-year-old Tyerell Przybycien accepted a plea deal on Tuesday in the tragic death of Jchandra Brown, 16. Brown’s body was discovered horrifically hanging from a tree in a Maple Lake canyon.

Przybycien was initially charged with murder but it was later reduced to child abuse homicide and child pornography as a result of the plea deal.

Prosecutors also decided to dismiss the charges of failure to report a dead body and witness tampering.

Przybycien has admitted a fascination with death and the prosecution team has also alleged that he researched methods of suicide before the teen took her life in May 2017.

Officials also said that it was Przybycien who purchased the rope that Brown may have used in taking her own life.

The accused also admitted to filming the teen’s suicide in Payson Canyon, that’s after buying the rope, tying the noose and speaking to her as she passed out and died. The video is 10-minutes long and ended with Przybycien even alleging saying as if unaffected by what he has witnessed and recorded, “I guess I’ll just leave this here now.”

Brown also left a handwritten suicide note that said, “Watch the video, it’s on my phone.”

The affidavit says Przybycien confessed to investigators his involvement in Brown’s suicide as he was suicidal himself and had an urge to watch the victim die to see “if it was something he could go through with himself.”

With the plea bargain, Przybycien avoided a possible murder conviction that could have sentenced him to 15 years to life in prison. Now, he only faces a prison term of at least five years when he’s sentenced on December 7.


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Anonymous No. 40400 2018-10-25 : 17:18

Our society is sick and possessed by evil satanic spirits. Satanism, child pornography, infant murders, child sacrifice, sex cults, rape and torture. Marxism, socialism, communism, Nazism. Doesn't anyone just want to be happy anymore? Society is addicted to inflicting suffering. It's like a drug. A mind warping drug of self loathing and hate. How did we become a Godless nation? A Godless world? Why embrace the sick ideology of Satanism that leads to death and destruction?

So sad No. 40423 2018-10-25 : 18:22

So many have turned a blind side & their backs to the light.

I pray all may embrace the Christ Conscience.

The Dark brings folly to all those whom embrace it. The great deceiver only want`s company for his eternity of misery.

Wake up so when you die, you die right!

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