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Venezuela: Corpses Now Exploding In Overflowing Morgues Due To Power Outages

Recently, a scandal broke out in Mexico when it was discovered that authorities were storing stacks of bodies in semi-truck trailers because of the number of people killed had overfilled their morgues. Now, a new report from BBC Mundo has revealed Venezuela is facing a similar situation. Instead of too many bodies overflowing morgues like in Mexico, Venezuelan morgues in the state Zulia are facing exploding corpses due to a lack of electricity.

The Goldwater reported recently on the electricity situation in Venezuela where the infrastructure is literally crumbling. Videos were posted online by Venezuelans showing electrical sub-stations exploding around the city from lack of maintenance plunging the populace into darkness.

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Journalist Guillermo D. Olmo visited a morgue where the corpses of men, women, and children were rapidly decomposing due to the extreme heat. Normally, bodies are kept cool to slow the decomposition process but without electricity, corpses have been rotting at a disturbing pace. Corpses have even begun exploding due to the decomposition and gases building up inside the corpses.

The particular morgue that Olmo visited is located in the northwestern state of Zulia which regularly faces temperatures of 86 F. The dilemma facing the state is not necessarily due to the lack of money, the state is actually rich in oil resources yet it remains one of the most severely affected states by the current economic crisis brought about by the socialist government. The citizens of Zulia regularly face blackouts and power shortages largely due to the mismanagement of economic infrastructure by the nation's leadership.

Since there is no refrigeration in the Zulia morgue, corpses quickly enter what is known as the emphysematous phase of decomposition which means the bodies can no longer sustain the pressure of the gases and fluids building up and they quite literally explode.

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">This is not a war-torn country. This is Venezuela. This was perhaps the best teaching hospitals in the country, It is now contaminated, nonoperational, destroyed. 100 bodies in the morgue (with capacity for 15). <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Mary Ann Torres (@MaryAnnToronto) <a href="">May 10, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Olmo spoke with a man named Arnold who says the task of counting the number of dead at the hospital has led to him observing a dramatic increase in child and infant deaths. Arnold told Olmo that normally the emphysematous phase should occur once the body has been buried and underground. But because the bodies are not being collected fast enough, the emphysematous phase is taking place too early.

"The funeral home does not take them because it says that the government does not pay what it owes. Given the current situation, families cannot afford a proper burial," Arnold explained. "Neither the hospital, nor the government, nor the mayor’s office has said they will help the relatives. There is no electricity, there are no masks, there is no chlorine, there are no disinfectants, there are no boots, there is no equipment to get into the cameras, there is nothing."

The lack of electricity is not the only problem facing Venezuela. As far back as 2016, reports of morticians complaining that they did not have the resources they needed to deal with the rising number of bodies being dumped at their morgues. Similarly to Mexico, the last several years have seen a massive increase in violence and homicides with a lack of emergency services to deal with the country's problems.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="es" dir="ltr">Más imágenes del incendio en el sector El Ingenio, Guatire, cercano a la planta del llenadero de PDVSA. Vecinos aseguran que hubo derrame de combustible en el río 10:20am <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Raylí Luján (@RayliLujan) <a href="">October 23, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Venezuela is still plagued by violence as the current President Nicolas Maduro is doing more to harm the country than to help it. It was his party's policies which led to the collapse of the countries economy and within a matter of months, the nation's infrastructure had collapsed too. Maduro is the 63rd President of Venezuela and a member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

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Anonymous No. 40449 2018-10-25 : 23:35

I heard the Columbia cartel was blowing up and sabotaging the electric substations and selling all the food they hoarded on the black market. It would behoove the Venezuelan government to come to a compromise with the organizations ruining the country over profit margins.

The Dimms vision of America! No. 40451 2018-10-25 : 23:56

Behold the wonders of socialism.

Anonymous No. 40452 2018-10-26 : 00:12

How’s that socialism working out for you guys? There’s an old washed up retard here in the states that has your fix. I think his name is Bernie.

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