By: Savannah Smith | 10-26-2018 | News
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IL - Halloween Comes Early For Brave 4-Year-Old Boy Who Needs Vital Surgery

A 4-year-old boy counts Halloween as his favorite holiday and was so enthusiastic about donning a costume for this year’s celebration. Unfortunately, a serious illness and a scheduled surgery will prevent him from making it to his neighborhood’s annual trick or treat.

Just when everything seems lost, his family and the neighborhood got together to celebrate not just the boy’s fascination with Halloween, but his strong spirit in facing his illness so they decided to give a treat he’ll never forget- a special Halloween celebration just for him.

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Sonny Mead was able to don a costume after all, and even had the privilege of a last-minute change of heart. From initially wanting to be Spider-Man, the little boy opted for Superman because he “wants superpowers”, after all. He was also able to enjoy a ride in a fire truck in going around his neighborhood for the trick or treat.

Sonny hit more than 20 houses along his special trick-or-treat route, thanks to caring neighbors who made things possible to grant the fighting boy’s little wish. Sonny’s mom, her friend Amanda Richert, and the residents of Goshen Meadows in Edwardsville, Ill., joined forces to advance the Halloween celebrations just for Sonny.

Sonny was diagnosed with craniosynostosis, an illness that causes the skull bones to fuse prematurely, which has an impact on brain growth. Sonny’s mom said that the boy had pieces of his skull removed to give his brain more room to grow in 2015. The bone was supposed to grow back, but unfortunately, it never did.

On Friday, Sonny’s doctors will use a 3-D printer and bone from a cadaver to rebuild the young boy’s skull. His recovery is expected to take a while, between two and six months.

Given his surgery and recovery schedule, Sonny will miss out on the October 31 Halloween celebration. And so with the help of kindred spirits, and a loving mom who would do everything to make him happy, Halloween came early just for him.


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tab No. 40499 2018-10-26 : 15:53

i hope the cute kid is able to live a normal life.

Anonymous No. 40504 2018-10-26 : 18:22

I wish the little guy all the best. Hopefully the docs can restore him to continue on with a normal life.

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