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Qatar Drunk with Wealth, Had The Entire Middle East Angry

Despite the sharp speeches, the penalty for the province, but the increasing tension in the Gulf does not threaten the outbreak of another war to add to the conflicts besetting the Middle East. What has changed now is the opportunity to see Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the administration of the Us president Donald Trump, as conducive to remove obstacles from their way to deal with the two main enemies, Iran and "Muslim Brothers". To achieve this goal, the two countries decided to change the behavior of Qatar cosponsor in the Gulf Cooperation Council, which has good relations with the "Brotherhood" and Iran . on June 5 both meant to cut diplomatic relations with it, in addition to the relations of land, sea and air transport, for its support for terrorism.

Qatar tried to employ the wealth earned from the sale of the huge stockpile of gas for purposes of diplomacy, the role of mediation in the many conflicts that occurred in the Arab and Islamic region starting from Afghanistan between the Taliban and the government of Kabul, and the end of the civil war in the Sudan, and the Palestinian file on reconciliation between the movements of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Fatah.

Qatar wears the cloak of a much bigger than their size and plays this role, but since it did not pose any real threat to anyone, Their wealthier neighbor and force, which is Saudi Arabia, tolerated this act. It was a give and take the relationship between the two countries. But for Saudi Arabia, Qatar was disturbing most of the time, a Deviant and disturbing ally in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

But with the outbreak of the disorders, known as the "Arab Spring", everything changed. With falling some Arab regimes and the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, this movement has proved that it is able to overthrow of some Arab regimes if given the opportunity to do so.

The Muslim Brotherhood Movement has received strong support from Qatar, it considered as a strong and victorious movement. Qatar also hosted the leader of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, after leaving Damascus. But the overthrow of Morsi made the "Muslim Brotherhood" lose all their acquisitions in the region. But the second enemy, Iran, remained in a state of continuous development; it has achieved very important FOOTHOLD in Iraq, after toppling Saddam Hussein in 2003, and has expanded its influence to Syria, after the chaos after 2011, and proposed to help President Bashar Assad.

Saudi Arabia was watching with great concern the rise of Iran, accusing Tehran of seeking to achieve the ambitions of domination, has always been restrained by the international sanctions, which were filed after the nuclear agreement with the United States in 2015. The Saudis believe that Iran now benefits from the new international status, and access to the world of business and investments to support the military role in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.


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