By: Savannah Smith | 10-28-2018 | News
Photo credit: NASA

UFO Spotted on Jupiter?

A mysterious green UFO was spotted hovering very close to the surface of Jupiter. Conspiracy theorists appear to agree it is indeed an unidentified flying object or UFO after analyzing the image released by NASA.

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The image was first shared online by UFOmania, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel. It has almost 11,000 views already. People who have viewed the video and who believe in the presence of UFOs argue that what they see is “irrefutable evidence of alien life.” That’s their take, of course, since they are also of the opinion that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have that sophisticated technology to withstand the harsh conditions in barren planets like Jupiter.

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Several of those conspiracy theorists even go as far as speculating that NASA is slowly but surely preparing for an alien disclosure. They think that release of such photos as this one, no matter how they may appear “fishy”’ to others, are but evidence in the direction of a slow but imminent acceptance of extraterrestrial existence.

Experts were also just as quick to dismiss the conspiracy theorists and UFO-believers excited speculations. After analyzing the mysterious green object sighting, the experts say the image could be nothing more than just the result of an imaging sensor anomaly.

The experts contend that reflection of high energy particles hitting the sensors in sunlight might have caused the said anomaly.

Just recently, a YouTube channel Secureteam 10 released photos of UFOs hovering over Brazilian and South Korean skies. Both of those supposed UFOs remained static in the skies, but they gave out eerie lights all around its body.


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Anonymous No. 40634 2018-10-28 : 08:06

Its a sunspot.

Checkmate atheists!

Anonymous No. 40639 2018-10-28 : 10:05

Space Probe in orbit.

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