By: Savannah Smith | 10-29-2018 | News
Photo credit: South Yorkshire Police

UK - Pakistani Pedophiles Found Guilty of Grooming, Raping Scores of Girls

A court in England found seven men of Pakistani heritage guilty of horrifically grooming and exploiting young girls, including one who was sexually abused by “at least 100 Asian men” before she even turned 16.

The men targeted and exploited the teenagers before making them endure acts of “degrading and violent nature.”

One gir even testified being bitten and raped by two of the men in Sherwood Forest while being “high as kite” on drugs.

One of the abused girls became pregnant and was forced into having an abortion at the age of 14. Another victim gave birth at 15, her son fathered by her abuser.

It was also learned during the hearing that the seven men abused five young girls for seven years in Rotherham. The jury heard that the men preyed on the girls’ vulnerability before they were sexually attacked and then horrifically passed on to other men.

The court also heard that the men used alcohol, drugs, threats, and violence to control the teenaged victims.

Prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC stated that the poor victims were merely “lured by the excitement of friendship with older Asian youths but were then “targeted, sexualized and in some instances even subjected to acts of degrading and violent nature.” The victims also became “easy targets” for the abusers because of their vulnerability of having come from broken homes, who “wanted to be loved.”

The men have been identified as Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 37, Tanweer Ali, 37, Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 39, Nabeel Kurshid, 35, Iqlak Yousaf, 34. The seventh man was not named for legal reasons.

The seven men were convicted of rape and indecent assault after an eight-week trial. They are scheduled to be sentenced on November 16.

The convictions were borne from Operation Stovewood, the National Crime Agency’s probe into sexual exploitation in Rotherham. More than 1,500 victims have been identified there.

The Operation Stovewood happens to be the largest law enforcement probe into non-familial child sexual exploitation in the UK.


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Anonymous No. 40780 2018-10-30 : 00:45

Asian- code for muslim shit skins. Hang’em

Anonymous No. 40789 2018-10-30 : 07:12

About 15 years too late, UK.

Tab No. 40820 2018-10-30 : 14:05

this is just the tip of the iceberg. Londonistan is now a lawless, Muslim shit-hole and is poised to get much worse.

—The seven men were convicted of rape and indecent assault after an eight-week trial.—

they will be out of prison in a year…

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