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Pakistan - Violent Religious Protests Erupt As Supreme Court Clears Christian Blasphemy (Video)

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Earlier this year we told you about the Christian mother of 5, Ms Asia Bibi, who had asked the Pakistani Supreme Court for a pardon after her neighbors had stated she had insulted Islam (a crime for which in Pakistan she would soon be hanged).

Despite strong opposition from national and international human rights groups (and without any actual proof), Ms Bibi was sentenced to death in 2010 under Pakistan's controversial blasphemy law after her neighbors allegedly heard her saying something bad about the Islamic religion. She spent the past 9 years in jail.

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Today, the court overturned that sentence and she was freed.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar. said in his opinion on the verdict: “The appeal is allowed. She has been acquitted. The judgment of the high court, as well as the trial court, is reversed. Her conviction is set aside.”

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Mr Omar Waraich of Amnesty International reacted jubilantly: “This is a landmark verdict.”

“Despite her protest of innocence, and despite the lack of evidence against her, this case was used to rouse angry mobs, justify the assassinations of two senior officials, and intimidate the Pakistani state into capitulation. Justice has finally prevailed.”

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However, in what is sure to be a first major test for newly elected Prime Minister Irman Khan, violent protests have erupted all over the country after the decision of the Supreme Court became clear.

Supporters of the Islamist political party Tehreek-e-Labaik (TLP) condemned the ruling and blocked roads in major cities like Peshawar, Lahore, and Islamabad, pelting police with stones.

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The TLP's leadership called for the death of the chief justice and the two other judges on the panel.

Party spokesman Ejaz Ashrafi: "The patron in chief of TLP, Muhammad Afzal Qadri, has issued the edict that says the chief justice and all those who ordered the release of Asia deserve death."


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Rage No. 40893 2018-10-31 : 11:04

Savages gonna be savages

Jeff Allen No. 40899 2018-10-31 : 11:40

It’s nice to see none of the women of those barbarians are in the crowd! They are the ones that rock the cradle. There might be hope yet for these pedophile following nut jobs.

tab No. 40907 2018-10-31 : 12:45

Blasphemy laws are identical to "holocaust" denial laws in Europe. jews attack goyim just like the pos muslims.

Hey No. 40923 2018-10-31 : 16:05

These are the types of evil that must be snuffed in the world.

Soon enough the rest of the world will realize… There is no living with these types lest you become one.

I for one will never succumb to evil nor the greater good. Which is just a tool used by the wicked to bilk us good people out of our freedoms & ultimately under they`re thumbs.

Do unto others as you would, No. 40926 2018-10-31 : 16:38

do unto yourself…

Well it is obvious what they would do unto us. It is high time they felt such persecution themselves!

There can be no more waiting for a savior, they have been at war with all opposed to the evil of Islam, since it`s inception.

Consequently we must treat them as if in a state of war.

That is unless… The continuation of terroristic attacks with the slow infiltration of societies, until we are all under sharia law is preferred.

As for me, that will never be an option!

Anonymous No. 40945 2018-11-01 : 00:10

Islam is slicing its’ own throat, nice

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