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Canada - Court Finds White Employees Discriminated, Fired Due to Skin Color

Who says white people don't suffer from discrimination, too?

A Canadian resort owner learned the hard way that discriminating against workers on the basis of their color can be legally troublesome- and expensive, at that. A court ordered the owner to pay a group of ex-employees who got discriminated against for being white.

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British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal awarded over $173,000 to the dismissed workers who were all fired or were forced to leave simply on account of their skin color.

The tribunal discovered that Kin Wa Chan, owner of the Spruce Hill Resort and Spa in British Columbia, didn’t want the white employees to work for his business simply because they were not Chinese.

Tribunal chair Diana Juricevic wrote in a 73-page decision Chan’s offenses: “Over a period of months, Mr. Chan repeatedly said that he wanted to replace Caucasian employees with ethnically Chinese employees to reduce labor costs.”

The decision also read in part: “Mr. Chan said words to the effect: ‘Chinese workers are better and cheaper than white workers’ and ‘Chinese workers do not have to be paid holiday pay or overtime.”

The tribunal also said that at least seven workers were fired or forced to leave their jobs in the summer of 2016.

The judge said Chan denied the allegations hurled against him in the suit, but his denials were not consistent with what he actually did, and what credible witnesses shared during the hearings.

One of the workers also said that aside from being discriminated against, she was also sexually harassed by Chan during a business trip in China in April 2016. The tribunal also awarded the victim for the sexual harassment allegation, too.

Chan acquired the Spruce Hill Resort and Spa in 2015 which features a hotel, ballroom, bar, indoor pool, restaurants, saunas, fitness facilities and “unlimited self-guided hiking and biking over 100 km trail system.”


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