By: Savannah Smith | 11-02-2018 | News
Photo credit: Plattsburgh Police Department

NY - Woman Chokes Bouncer She Mistakenly Thought Groped Her (Video)

She can’t be faulted for looking out after herself, but she can be blamed for not doing some basic probing before taking tough action. A woman from New York choked a nightclub bouncer unconscious after mistakenly assuming he slapped her on the bottom.

22-year-old Kierah Lagrave was just having one chill night, dancing and having fun in a local nightclub when she felt someone slap her on her bottom. She turned around and saw the nightclub bouncer. She immediately assumed it was him who violated her, and her immediate instinct was to charge at him and exact instant retribution.

Lagrave did not bother to ask him, her friend or anyone in the club if it was the bouncer who slapped her bottom. Police released a video of the young woman from Plattsburgh, New York coming at the bouncer behind her.

She immediately puts her arm around his neck before they both fall to the floor.The bouncer fell unconscious for a few moments from the choking. He initially didn’t resist because he also assumed it was just one of his friends who was playing a prank on him by “pretending” to choke him.

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It was too late for Lagrave even to realize that the bouncer did her no wrong. Before the choking and all the trouble, Lagrave was just merrily dancing with her female friend without incident. As she turned away, it was her friend who playfully slapped her on her bottom. Lagrave turned around and saw the bouncer first, and then and there assumed it was him who made a pass at her. She didn’t even bother to ask first, and simply charged at him.

Lagrave was charged for strangling but was later released. It is not clear if she has since spoken to the bouncer to ask for apologies for her wrong assumption and worse undeserved attack on him.


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Anonymous No. 41068 2018-11-02 : 17:36

Those ridiculous eyebrows!!!! She sure shows signs of instability.

Anonymous No. 41069 2018-11-02 : 17:37

she should be charged with assault

Fredward No. 41073 2018-11-02 : 19:24

She's an empowered WOMYN!

Don't mess with her or get in her way if you have any idea of what's good for you misogynist LOSERS!

40170 is asking for problems No. 41074 2018-11-02 : 19:37

>>40170 I have had my share of nutjobs and its all fun till they rob you blind or go off half cocked cause they didn't get their way and start pulling the Dr Ford BS. Have fun! My wife is normal and makes big bucks and ill take that over a crazy bitch anytime.

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