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The Goldwater's Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy


Pretty simple.

> If you are doing something illegal, The Goldwater will help any recognized and verified government agency with proper jurisdiction do whatever they want with you.

> If you’re just being an idiot and fall into the category of people getting paid to disrupt our mission, you are not welcome. We will make it difficult for you to get paid.

No more rules.

Have fun and speak your mind.

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Anonymous No. 41126 2018-11-03 : 12:41

I agree.

All too long I have seen a few Left wing Race Baiters trying to drag this and several other Free and Anonymous Comment Blogs down.

Using the old process of guilt by association, by placing obvious comments designed to leave the impression that certain races are lower than evil and these conservative Blogs and sites are supportive of such comments. When in fact the Right is more tolerate than the Left. A fact repeatedly proven by our tolerance and meeting 1/2 way for the last 40 years. While the Left only continued to demand the line be moved more and more always playing the race card for power while enslaving millions on Government handouts for votes.

Anonymous No. 41132 2018-11-03 : 13:08

I second that! Keep up the great work!

Scooby-Dooby-Doo No. 41157 2018-11-03 : 18:12

Keep spreading the word.

Catch those villains!

*Scooby snack time.

Go fuck your rules No. 41179 2018-11-03 : 21:15

If you have rules, fuck them. Fuck all your commie rules!

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