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HAPPENING AGAIN! Massive Pedophile Ring Of 900 Arrested - Media Silent

It seems like every day we're finding more and more massive operations to round up pedophiles in a nationwide sweep; yet the mainstream media continues to ignore these arrest.

There was a time in history where anyone even being accused of the molestation of a child, the trafficking or kidnapping of children, or transmission of child pornography would be executed without hesitation.

However in 2017 this modern era seems to encourage the behavior and make excuses for these individuals. It's sick, disgusting, and perverted beyond any traditional sense. Even worse the media covers it up and refuses to mention it.

For the past two years, Operation Pacifier has been just one of several joint ventures to round up suspected pedophiles and others who assist in their demonic trade. A total of 870, yes eight hundred and seventy sick and demented individuals, were arrested during this period.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Europol both were involved in ending this global scale child trafficking and pedophilia network. You would assume the media would have been all over such a massive story right? Wrong. The media didn't bat an eye.

A Florida man, Steven Chase, was the alleged founder of the “Playpen” pedophilia network. The Federal Bureau of Investigation followed this man and his disgusting habits for nearly two full years before he was finally brought to justice along with many of his clients and operators across the Earth.

Mr. Chase was found guilty recently and sentenced to 30 years behind bars.

His operation, “Playpen”, stayed anonymous by using encryption to ensure their clients keep their identities hidden. The underground network used the darknet which allowed users to anonymously share photos and videos that exposed the sexual abuse of children. The FBI used malware to occupy the forum, which ultimately gave them the ability to track and identify its users.

After Chase’s arrest the investigation followed the clientele, resulting in hundreds of arrests. At least 259 sexually abused children having been identified from the disturbing network.

Even with these massive arrests and recovery of abused children though, the American mainstream media has remained silent on the story.

One has to begin to ask why this is so often covered up? It seems most likely that due to all of the high profile arrests involved with the underground pedophilia network that they're most certainly participating in a widespread attempt to silence the truth.

In fact since President Trump has taken office and Jeff Sessions has been confirmed as Attorney General thousands of these arrests continue to take place. In California alone there are 350+ busts per month. We must continue to pray for these victims and pray for the President and law enforcement as they continue to take down these sick and demented monsters.


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Anonymous No. 4143 2017-06-23 : 18:37

pedo rings have been getting smashed for years without chump, et al

interesting you mention grump though, you do know the perv has forcibly halted the investigation into the rape of a minor who has been repeatedly harassed and vilified by guess who, that's right, the one she alleges to have raped her… donald trump, thats right you are now governed by an alleged rapist-in-chief whose victim has been intimidated into dropping the case for fear of reprisals, as chump once said, i wonder how many free assasinations you get

as regards the silence, that's because the less the pedos know about the who, when, where, etc, the more chance that law enforcement in all the countries involved can catch more scumbags…. but hey maybe they should give out all the details so that more pedos have time to escape, they say that those most involved in crime want to know the facts so as to know when to run… is that right RP, getting worried, better look out the window

Anonymous No. 4175 2017-06-24 : 03:29

The Poster Above Me Is a pedo kike shill

lolly No. 4178 2017-06-24 : 04:21

So untrue, the lady interviewed for the so called rape recounted part of her story in the "so called" voice of her attacker at one point, that is known to be a sign of lying, victims do not recount in that fashion if you know about reading body language of victims of abuse/attacks she wasn't shut down, she was paid and disappeared …

TheTruth No. 4182 2017-06-24 : 06:02

Re: the comment on Trump accusation of sexual abuse…#False . Do some Research.

Anonymous No. 4185 2017-06-24 : 06:13

First post always a shill post. Remember they get paid to push this disinformation. It's their job to get first post.

Anonymous No. 4188 2017-06-24 : 06:22

Pedos need to be rounded up and exterminated.

We can start with #4131

Anonymous No. 4195 2017-06-24 : 12:45

I knew I'd find a "Its over for Drumpf. Hes done." comment.

4131, get a real job. No one's falling for your lies.

Anonymous No. 4210 2017-06-24 : 15:53

who is 4131, therer isn't one

to 4175 you say i'm a pedo because i don't want them to know they're going to get arrested in advance, sounds more like your the pedo, after all you want them to have time to escape, pervert

I did research, she only stopped because of intimidation, oh wait sorry i forgot you don't check anything unless your master says so, poor cowards, all the standards, call the person opposing a shill(sorry don't work for any scumbags, on either side),call them a pedo, anything to denigrate diparage, etc.

the fact is your president is a molester, he has a history of touching up, fondling, etc, and the rape charge was for a girl who was 13, 13, that makes him the pedo, so if true, and if the poor soul gets the courage to try again, and if proved guilty could 'you' handle it or will you just call the rest of the world rapists and pedos?

Check the real facts, not what chan says, unless of course you're a paid, pedo, kike, shill,

any new insults, well I say insults, TBH I find them funny, after all most of these comments are either braindeads fuckwits, too afraid to look outside their comfort zone or possibly cry baby spunk monkeys like red pill in anon ,mode

Here's a freebie, if you have 'ANY' guts, look into links inc' sex parties between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Diaretic shitstorm by ranty cowards imminent

Barbara No. 4256 2017-06-25 : 13:44

You are probably being paid by Deep State Fascists to sit and write these twisted hypothetical version of Soro's EVIL mind. Go get a real job that supports TRUE America patriotism rather than spewing LIES!

Lib destroyer No. 4260 2017-06-25 : 15:58

The person ranting and raving above is quoting a thoroughly discredited story about our President supposedly raping a teenager. This story has not one shred of proof and conveniently disappeared after election day. The left has completely run out of steam, we have ground them down and worn them down and now all they have left is lies.

Anonymous No. 4374 2017-06-27 : 06:53

and projection

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