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AR - Dem Political Consultant And Youth Services Employee Charged With Child Pornography

Political consultant and Pulaski County, Arkansas employee H.L. Moody Jr. just had his charge unsealed. Moody was in court Tuesday for possessing and distributing child pornography.

Moody was a Pulaski County Democratic Party chair in addition to being the communications director for the state's Democratic Party from July 2015 until February 2017. He was still a special events coordinator for Pulaski County Youth Services. As far as political consulting, he was working this year as campaign manager for Tippi McCullough's successful bid for the state House from Little Rock in this year's election.

Moody was fired from his county job on Monday after the county learned of the investigation and before it was unsealed to the public. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette quoted a spokesman who said that Moody's job with the Pulaski County Youth Services was purely administrative and did not entail with him working directly with children.

Moody was caught in an undercover investigation related to a chatroom where child pornography was commonly shared. When a warrant was executed at his residence on Monday. According to the filed complaint, Moody was seen on video in the chat group holding a glass smoking pipe of the sort that is often used for smoking methamphetamine.

Moody played videos in the video and chat application referred to as "Application A" in the complaint. At one point a user requests Moody play more videos from his collection of child exploitation material via the chat message function. Moody's response: “I’ve heard of White privilege but never Perv privilege – i am not the Juke Box at Waffle House…I do not play on demand…”


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Truth No. 41787 2018-11-09 : 21:55

Truth, or misrepresented facts?

Firstly, this article contains mobile phone screenshots. That's right folks, these 'opinions' (I don't wan't opinions on news, I want facts!!!) are written on a mobile phone and uploaded here. Think about that for a minute.

Some person on a bus uploading their Fox news screenshots and copying/pasting text into an article is BETTER than a reliable news outlet? Come on man, what have you been smoking?!

Also: the spelling is: PAEDOPHILES, note the A, it's from Latin. If you were educated your article writer would understand how to spell properly.

No wonder the US is a mess; uneducated people with angry half-concocted opinions decide their own imagination musings are true and think they can go on a rampage. Embarrassing to think this is the USA in 2018.

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