By: Savannah Smith | 11-09-2018 | News
Photo credit: Teresa Grandy

NC - Facebook Bans A Mother of 5 Simply for Posting A Breastfeeding Photo

A Harnett County mother of five was banned from Facebook simply for posting a picture of her breastfeeding her youngest child. The popular social media giant notified the mother and said she may have violated community standards by posting sexual material content.

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The mother, Teresa Grandy, a strong breastfeeding advocate, is of course livid with Facebook’s temporary banning, and more so for their unreasonable explanation behind the move.

Grandy insists Facebook acted improperly because administrators at the social media giant miserably failed to understand the otherwise harmless and malice-free photo.

The mom said: “I just posted a picture on my Facebook page and woke up the next morning. I had a notification on my Facebook saying I was banned for sexual exploitation of a minor.”

Grandy says that like most mothers proud of their children, she often post their pictures on the platform. She posted the breastfeeding photo on Sunday. After it was flagged, she was immediately given a seven day-ban.

The photo is innocent enough, showing her and her two youngest children including her 3-year-old son, Logan, positioned on the left, and Grandy, who is breastfeeding her 1-year-old son, Fredrick.

Posting breastfeeding photo of herself and her friends is nothing new for Grandy. She has done it before on social media. She thinks that one of her Facebook friends may have reported the latest photo to Facebook.

The notice from the social media giant also says that “Facebook doesn’t allow “sexual material”, depictions of sexual violence” or “sexual content involving minors.”

Grandy is naturally furious that a photo of her breastfeeding her child was considered sexual material. She lamented: “My child was put into a sexual abuse label and I was just feeding my son. That’s what really bothers me about all this, because breastfeeding is very natural and it’s just part of our life.”

The mom stresses that there’s nothing to be ashamed of something as normal as breastfeeding.


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Anonymous No. 41703 2018-11-09 : 07:28

And well they should have!!

Anonymous No. 41704 2018-11-09 : 07:31

just cuz there is a kid attached doesn't mean squat. have some decency. its not an excuse to expose your self to the world. pathetic!

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