By: Savannah Smith | 11-11-2018 | News
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FL - Firefighter Gets Call That His Own Home With Wife, Kid Inside On Fire

Getting a call from a dispatch is always sad news for firefighters knowing lives and properties are in danger even if it means it would be their moment to “shine” as they go out there to where the “action” is to bravely serve.

One call became extra heartbreaking for one firefighter in Hillsborough County in Florida, however, because the call he got happened to be a fire taking place at his own home in Riverview.

Initially, he only knew the call came from their street. He never imagined, however, it would be his own home.

The personally devastating news came for Eddie Torres on Sunday when his home caught fire, with his wife and 3-year-old son inside.

The three-year firefighter said his wife was so alarmed about the fire and started panicking. Torres shared: “I called her. All I could hear was screaming and panic right there she couldn’t even talk. I heard the phone hang up.”

Thankfully for Torres, his wife and son managed to go out of their home just fine before the fire completely destroyed their residence. Too bad, however, for their family dog who didn’t make it.

Torres said theirs was such a good dog. He said: “You could pick some food out of the bowl while he was eating it. He would let you do it. He was such a good fog and we know he’s in doggy heaven.

In spite of the ironic tragedy that befell his family, there’s still so much Torres feels he should be grateful for. Next to his wife and son being unscathed from the disaster, Torres also draws strength from the full support his co-workers at the fire station are extending to him and his young family. He also said even strangers are reaching out to help them.

A GoFundMe page has also been put up by brothers and sisters at the fire station to help Torres and his family raise funds to rebuild their home. It also said there: “As first responders, we are trained to handle any type of call we receive. You never expect to get a call that your house is on fire.”

The page set a fund-raising goal of $20,000 for Torres. In just a matter of a few days, the page is near its goal with $17, 640 in donations. Many residents said they’re donating as their way of returning the favor to Torres for serving the as a fireman.


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