By: Red Pill | 11-15-2018 | Science
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Super - Earth Discovered just Six Light Years from Our Home

Earth to… <i>Earthlings?</i> An international team of more than 60 astronomers and exoplanet researchers from around the world have discovered a planet that's being called a “Super Earth” just <i>six light years from our homeworld near Barnard’s Star.

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Called<a href=""> Barnard’s Star B</a>, the announcement was made as a result of research the<a href=""> Red Dots </a>and<a href=""> CARMENES </a>projects.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: <a href=""> Popular Science </a></span>

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For now, there's no catastrophic worry, as humans couldn't reach the planet with known technology. It doesn't mean we can't dream.

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Woot No. 42347 2018-11-15 : 06:08

Bullshit. Anyone that believes these lying ass Free Mason "scientists", really need to start doing some REAL, hardcore research. Truth is there and the vast majority are blind to real truth.

Anonymous No. 42362 2018-11-15 : 11:37

For the sake of discussion, let us say the planet does exist and is only 6 Light Years Travel away.

At current NASA space travel speeds we travel at only about 24,000 MPH.

So just 1 Light Hour of Travel equals 669,600,000 Miles .

So at our current rate of NASA Space travel, that 669,600,000 miles covered in 1 Light Hour of Travel would take NASA 27, 900 Hours. ( 3.1 NASA Years per Speed of Light Hour).

Now some simple basic math….

24H x 365D x 3.1Y= 27, 156 years of NASA Travel = 1 Light Year of Travel .

Thus this planet that is only 6 Light Years away is actually 162,936 Years of NASA travel away.

Or about 530 +/- Human generations away from here, using 30 years per generation.

Have you ever read Robert Heinlein Orphans of the Sky?

Anon No. 91719 2018-11-27 : 09:47

Many will fall by the wayside. The Great Deception causes many man to stumble. The battle is for your soul. Wake up before it's too late. No man knows the hour he shall come. Open your eyes to the real Truth. Get right. You don't have long.

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