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PA - Principal Calms Kids Stuck In Traffic By Reading to Them Via Facetime

Students on school buses going home were affected as well by the terrible traffic jams on Thursday in Philadelphia brought by the snow, sleet and train.

The students of Pine Road Elementary in the Lower Moreland School District got stuck in the traffic jams, too, that the young passengers got somewhat restless and frustrated, too.

Dr. Brian Swank, the principal of the K-5 school was monitoring the developments to ensure that all their school children on their buses get to their homes safely.

Swank said that some of their school buses just made it fine and students got home in “decent time” under the circumstances of punishing traffic. Around five or six buses, however, encountered difficulties in getting through the gridlock.

Then Swank got a call from one concerned mom reporting to him that her son and the other kids on their bus are starting to get nervous about the traffic situation, and the fact that they were kinda stuck.

Swank then got into action and decided to give the student, Gavin, a call to personally check on their condition. Gavin informed the principal that the kids, especially the younger ones, were freaking out.

That’s when Swank decided to switch to FaceTime so he could see the students and they can see him back. Swank shared: “I was hopeful that a familiar face would have a calming influence on them.”

The principal, with the help of the older students, helped the kids settle down again. He decided the perfect activity for them to do to help them relax is by engaging in some reading time.

It proved to be a great idea, because Swank got the children’s captivated attention as he read to them aloud. He said with the certainty of a teacher who’ve seen it all: “Kids of all ages love being read to.”

Swank read two stories titled ‘You Belong Here’ by M.H. Clark and ‘What a Surprise!’

Thankfully, at the end of the day, every kid got home safely. Swank said he is also grateful that inspite of the November surprise of snow and the traffic it brought, their school bus drivers and transportation team rose to the occasion and became the unsung heroes of the day, taking care of the children and ensuring they all got home safe to their parents and families.


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PA - Children Are Idiots With No Future

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PA - helicopter mom thinks kids cant handle being on bus with their friends without her

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