By: Anonymous | 11-10-2016 | News

TRUMP: Trumph Never Looked So Good

It’s time to be vigilant.

The silent majority, the “Deplorables” that Hillary Clinton feared have won the day. The swamp is still full and won’t be drained for the next three months. A lot can happen in that time, and the Obama administration has plenty of time to cover up, and prep for destruction any evidence they can find that would incriminate them after President Elect Donald Trump takes power.

Trump has already mentioned that he will have Hillary Clinton tried for her criminal activities. Obama has not been on his list of favorite people. If you remember who was one of the instigators of the “Birther” movement. Donald Trump will be in power, and Obama has three months to bring destruction on every sort of illegal activity that Clinton or Obama might have been involved in over the past eight troubled years.

Tomorrow Trump will start working with Obama in an orderly transfer of power. Both men have said they will work together peacefully during this hand-off from Democrat to Republican power. It is possible that Obama, whom Hillary Clinton has used racial epitaphs against in private, and released publicly in the Wikileaks debacle that likely paid a large part in the election of Donald Trump. Along with the rabid meme generators from 8chan, will give Trump the hints he needs to find the dirt necessary to “Lock her up.”

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