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Australia – Brisbane Bride-To-Be Had One Night Stand With Father-In-Law

Australians are eager to find out who is the young woman who posted a story on the popular ‘Kidspot‘ in which she reveals that weeks before getting married, she suddenly realized she had once lived through a one night stand with her new father-in-law.

The unidentified woman says she always had a soft spot for older men and even struggled with a sort of father complex. Her own dad was never there when she grew up. Because of that lack, she searched in her amorous relationships for a father figure. She also fell physically for men with "the face of a newsreader" or "greying hair."

For years she shared the sheets with older men for short-lived romances, until she found the love of her life through a dating app. Surprisingly, Tony was as old as she was.


The two had a lot of memories from the 80s and 90s in the Australian city of Brisbane in common.

They also had common acquaintances. "For the first time I dated someone of my age and I enjoyed it", she says.

And then it was time to get to know Tony's parents. They were separated when Tony was still in elementary school. She first met his mom Diane.

His father Martin, who according to Tony was "a bit of a free spirit", was sailing around in the Caribbean with his much younger girlfriend, Marnie. She did get to see pictures of Martin, but she didn’t recall him immediately.


Tony then asked her hand in marriage and she said yes.

Martin and Marnie sailed back to Australia for the wedding. "My father has this thing for younger ladies," Tony warned. "I laughed it off and did not think about it until Martin and Marnie knocked on our door a few weeks before the wedding. There he stood, the guy with whom I had a night stand a few years ago. I knew him as Marty, and I knew immediately that it was him."

The pieces of the puzzle feel into place. She remembered how she got drunk with Martin and ended up in bed with him. And how she had slipped away from his apartment in the morning so she would not have to give him her number.

She saw that Martin had also recognized her.


Four years on, and neither of them has ever discussed their one night stand.

Martin and Marnie sailed off just after the wedding. "Every year they come back home and I have to put on a polite smile during a lunch or two. But that is only a small price for our secret. My lips are permanently sealed. "


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7 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 43124 2018-11-24 : 09:54

If Tony was wondering, he has no doubt now. I hope this woman changed names to protect the guilty. Lol

Anonymous No. 43127 2018-11-24 : 11:13


Anonymous No. 43129 2018-11-24 : 11:34

A dishonest, whorish woman!?

Anonymous No. 43133 2018-11-24 : 11:51

Just a possibility but i'll toss it out there for thoughtt.

MAYBE…. The Son is Gay , sterile, Micropenis Syndrome (3.6 inches or less), or has ED.

Daddy is stepping just before the marriage to produce the needed child and continue the family name.

tab No. 43148 2018-11-24 : 15:52

i knew a woman who had sex with the groom of her girlfriend the night before the wedding. she played the flute during the ceremony. it was so beautiful…..

Anonymous No. 43171 2018-11-24 : 22:12

its not a secret anymore

chacha No. 43123 2018-11-26 : 01:39

wondering if anyone actually READ the article....

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