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GOP Betrayal: RINOs Cut Deal to Double Total Foreign-Imported Workers in America

The Republican Party has reportedly agreed to a new betrayal of the Trump voter base, with a deal that will more than double the total number of foreign-imported workers inside the United States of America.

This demographic shifting deal was backed by the corporate oligarchy of American companies, who no doubt have zero interest in the prosperity of the American-born worker or his family.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Senator Mike Rounds (R-SC), and Representative Andy Harris (R-MD) are responsible for the agreement, Breitbart News reported today.

According to regulations of the H-2B visa program, companies in the United States of America have been allowed to import more than 66,000 low-skilled foreign-born invaders annually into America since the inception of the program.

If each of those 66,000 people were to have two children each, that's an additional 132,000 children of foreign invaders inside of America.

In just ten years, there's a literal army of people near-equal to the entire number of US Armed Forces at home, and abroad.

The projected active duty end strength in the armed forces for the fiscal year 2017 was 1,281,900 service members, with an additional 801,200 people in the seven reserve components.

The above projections were tallied after the Washington Times broke the story on Tuesday, with the Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian saying, “WTF? With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?WTF? With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats? WTF? With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?”

Meanwhile, a proposed and promised border wall of President Trump's earmark and historic 2016 Presidential victory has yet to be funded.

Democratic Party members have continued to garnish victories from the leftist policies that are being supported by the GOP, despite being beyond the comprehension of Trump's Base. Some of the rhetoric used by Ann Coulter has garnished criticisms against her, but seeing legislation such as this from the GOP make Trump voters like myself think maybe we should have listened to her before we reached this point.

Worse, there seems to be a huge age-gap on where immigration matters most to Republican voters. Those of the baby-boomer era vehemently back the GOP on even flawed and misinterpreted policies such as this, while almost all of Americans under 35-years-old want hard-line, zero-tolerance immigration politics.

In fact, the “AltRight,” or “far-right” and even those such as myself who consider themselves to be Christian-right have our own requisite for success.

Demanding that the GOP gets their shit together and builds the wall we voted for.

Keep in mind former-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was responsible for a 15,000-visa increase already, and now the Democrats are being given a wet dream on immigration with almost nothing in return.

The only stipulation that most of the media isn't talking about is the fact that now any businesses who use the H-2B visa program will have to issue documents for their entire workforce.

Some could argue this was the “chess” behind this decision, albeit the argument is fairly minimal because of the chain-migration which still exists.

Let's go into detail on that theory.

The number of visas allowed would rise from 66,000 to 132,000 annually. The tradeoff is that businesses hoping to use the H-2B visa program will have to submit to strict checks on their workforce, making sure anyone hired since 2012, and those they hire going forward, are in the country legally, according to a memorandum of understanding seen by The Washington Times.

As reported by the Washington Times, companies will now have to research their currently employed laborers and if they're illegal aliens they're now subject to enormous fined for hiring those individuals as well as the possibility of mass deportations of known illegals who have an established illegal identity and presence in our workforce.

Sanctuary States have until now been able to avoid having to provide this information to the US Government.

Jeff Sessions performed one thing well as Attorney General of the United States of America, which was his emboldened fight against Communist governors like California’s Jerry Brown.

With Jeff gone, Matthew Whitaker could utilize the DOJ to continue Sessions battle against the Sanctuary States if this new deal is signed into law.

Now I'm by no means a ”chess-cuck” nor do I agree with most multi-dimensional theories. That said, the above computations make sense if you're going after Sanctuary Cities and the Sanctuary States.

However, I can't see it being worth the so-called “Browning of America,” in a world where the civilization created by White Europeans is being turned into a socialist shit hole.

The Washington Times wrote:
”Chris Chmielenski, deputy director at NumbersUSA, which wants stricter limits on foreign workers, said the deal between Republicans and the industry was unusual and worrisome.

“I don’t ever recall seeing a formal agreement between Congressional staff and employers to draft legislation to increase employers’ access to cheap, foreign labor,” he said. “Donald Trump won the White House by running on a pro-American-worker immigration message, but his party lost control of the House during the midterms by abandoning that message. This agreement is evidence that Republicans haven’t learned from their recent election losses.”

The above is accurate. The GOP has had control of both House and Senate and dropped the bill during that period, big time.

Minorities don't vote Republican.

There's no guarantee that the Sanctuary States will ever comply with the Trump Administration, and in seven years by the time such a battle reaches the Supreme Court, he'll be gone from office.

The “White Pill” from all of this is that people are awakening en masse to the “demographics are destiny” mantra.

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um there was some concern that the trickle effect of nawing on the USA , and no doubt other countries... that a total of 10 million pushed around people would be slithering in to the USA .. and according to numbers = that is not balanced and not good ..hope other countries wake up ... and that the 3 RRR ses .. find out why it is not good and to any other country ..wake up .

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Six Gorillion dimensional kikery

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