By: Kyle James | 11-30-2018 | Caravan
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Tijuana Migrants Were Caught "Dine-And-Dashing" So Twitter Deletes The Video

After being turned back at the U.S. border, the caravan migrants are now wreaking havoc in Mexican cities such as Tijuana. While many have boarded buses and returned to their home countries, a massive majority remain lingering in Mexican border cities.

President Trump has come under fire for his comments calling many of the migrants "stone cold criminals" despite the Department of Homeland security issuing a warning that criminals and gang members could be lingering in the caravan. Now, evidence came to light showing migrants dine-and-dashing at restaurants in Tijuana.

" Waiters at a taco restaurant in #Tijuana attack a group of #caravan migrants with chairs after they attempt to dine-and-dash. #CaravanInvaders #CaravanaDeMigrantes "

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Twitter user Christian Cámara (@Reaganista) posted a video on November 25 showing caravan migrants attempting to dine-and-dash at a taco restaurant. Employees of the restaurant attempted to confront the migrants and a chair fight ensued which spilled out onto the street.

It now seems Twitter is censoring evidence of migrants conducting illegal activities such as the dine-and-dash and ensuing fights. Cámara's video has now been deleted and anything but a few obscure screenshots is all that can be found online from the incident.

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How come when the migrants break the law the videos and other evidence are banned yet when videos showing the living conditions of the caravan are posted on Twitter they are not deleted and are allowed to remain, can anyone else see the clear bias and the obvious liberal agenda here?

It now seems that Twitter is pushing it's far-left agenda to the point that they are censoring anything that doesn't align with their liberal political views. But that isn't all, a report by Ruptly who sent a crew to speak directly with migrants in the caravans heard that they are bringing serious health problems with them.

The problem is so severe that works who came in contact with a group of the migrants could be seen wearing face masks. One woman coughed uncontrollably and another man said, "Two days ago, I was even coughing up blood." It sure seems like many migrants want to come to the U.S. illegally and leech off our medical system and welfare which is funded by taxpayer dollars.

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In fact, the health problems are so severe among the caravans that a Tijuana health official said one-third of the caravan is being treated for health issues. According to conservative commentator Charlie Kirk who cited the Tijuana Health Department, %60 of the caravan has respiratory infections, 101 had lice, 4 have HIV/AIDS, 3 have tuberculosis, and another 3 have chicken pox, but that is just what we know of.

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Anonymous No. 91927 2018-11-30 : 12:36

As much as I enjoy your content I really do take issue with using liberal and leftist interchangeably. I consider myself a liberal, I'm pro gun, pro free speech and all for the preservation of rights for the citizens of a country.
These people that are pro mass immigration etc are leftists, not liberals.

xyz No. 91949 2018-11-30 : 23:39

Name a "liberal" representative that does not want open/no borders, gun control and does not secretly wish conservative voices be silenced through twitter/FB. Consider re-defining the compatibility of your viewpoints and ditch your FB newsfeed. Maybe you're a libertarian?

Anonymous No. 92030 2018-12-02 : 03:25

If you want to see what its like to have open borders, look at Africa. People wandering everywhere, borders are purely ceremonial, and the place is living havoc.

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