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Snipes Has Snapped - Rescinds Resignation, Vows to Fight Suspension By Governor Scott

Brenda Snipes has rescinded her resignation and vowed to fight her suspension.

On Friday, Governor and Senator-elect Rick Scott suspended Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes and replaced her with Peter Antonacci.

Snipes pension is an annual salary of $71,000 from her time serving as elections supervisor and she also has a separate pension from her teaching career. Why would she jeopardize that? This appears to be a calculated move.

Rick Scott issued an order to immediately remove Brenda Snipes from office “for misfeasance, incompetence, and neglect of duty.”

Snipes is fighting back.

NBC Miami reported:

“Brenda Snipes’ attorney on Saturday said the recently suspended Broward County elections supervisor would rescind her resignation.

“We believe these actions are malicious, we believe that the allegations that are set forth in the governor’s executive order are done for the purposes of embarrassing Dr. Snipes – embarrassing her and tarnishing her record, and we will be fighting this. In addition to that, Dr. Snipes herby rescinds her resignation that was set forth which would have been effective on the fourth of January,” Snipes’ attorney Burnadette Norris-Weeks said in a press conference.”

Brenda Snipes’ history of corruption and violating the law is well documented .

Broward County Democrats mysteriously manufactured 83,000 votes in two days, in this year’s midterm election.

On November 6th election night, Broward County Snipes reported 634,000 votes were cast in the midterm election in her county.

On Friday morning Broward County Elections officials said 717,000 votes were cast in the midterm election in her county.

There has still been no explanation for how Snipes came up with 83,000 extra votes – all in favor for the Democrats, I might add.

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bishlap No. 92057 2018-12-02 : 14:10


Marybel Lamb No. 92058 2018-12-02 : 14:13

Beclowning herself. With documented evidence of multiple infractions, WHY would she throw herself on the sword?

Cody No. 92059 2018-12-02 : 14:19

Thanks for the great article Lexy.

john No. 92060 2018-12-02 : 14:21

This evil woman should have all her pensions removed and should be left penniless. She should be arrested for voter fraud by the FBI. Since the FBI is full of traitors and enemies of the USA this evil woman will probably get away with her madness. What is even worse is the blatant disregard for the rule of law and hypocrisy of congress to deal with these types of issues.

Anonymous No. 92063 2018-12-02 : 15:17

Burnadette Norris- “embarrassing her and tarnishing her record” for goodness sake, this sheboon embarrassed itself over the last decade! It feels election deadlines are flexible and every vote must be counted even if the original ballot needs to be destroyed and a new one filled out in place cause the voter made a mistake by not voting democrapic. This beast needs to be incarcerated for attempted treasonous acts by basically screwing broward cty out of their true voice in this last election.

Meme No. 92070 2018-12-02 : 16:55

The demonRAT party said to win at all costs

Jo No. 92076 2018-12-02 : 21:02

Bye cheater. Another lying Democrat busted! Thanks for the articles. Keep them coming. We can’t trust the MSM to be truthful.

Hohoho the crooked idiot! No. 92077 2018-12-02 : 21:36

Very funny

Such funny business makes me laugh.


For as long as this funny business has been going on in this Nation... We must laugh to ease the hate, then jail & convict these people for the continuation of fraud & deceit.

Otherwise we may grow so angry of the flippant disregard of the law that the people buy up rope & handle it ourselves. I sure would`nt want any fire arms involved. Just to prove the People have Justice on our side.

Yes! Yes! Thank you! No. 92078 2018-12-02 : 22:05

May the full blown federal inspection into Nationwide voter fraud begin.

Let Huber set up a team & join them when he is finished with his current I.G. report.

Thanks again b snipes your name suits you.

Anonymous No. 92079 2018-12-02 : 23:59


Jeff Allen No. 92085 2018-12-03 : 03:10

Wow! She could have walked away with a retirement and instead chooses to defend her actions and a possible federal indictment. She reminds me of the clown who points at his head and says, “Kidneys man ....... kidneys”.

Freemason88 No. 92118 2018-12-03 : 16:06

This will esclate into the color of skin very quickly. I guarantee...

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