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Photo credit: Nine News Australia/A Current Affair

Australia - Sydney Man Wants Wife Deported After She Is Caught Faking Domestic Violence

An Australian man is seeking for his own Moroccan wife to be deported after she was caught trying to frame him by making it appear he had beat her up. The heartbroken man's wife was caught hitting herself in an elevator in a bid to get her husband jailed for domestic violence. After only eight months into their marriage, the man who is a Muslim named Faisal began to realize she didn't marry him for love but rather to gain legal status in Australia.

Nine News Australia/A Current Affair

Faisal decided he wanted to end his marriage to the woman who he met on a Muslim dating site. He even sought out a lawyer and emailed a visa migration professional in his attempt to get his wife deported.

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At some point, his wife Asmae discovered the email and fearing deportation, concocted an insidious plan to get her husband locked up. Faisal told "A Current Affair" that he arrived home one night in April to find that the apartment he shared with Asmae had been utterly trashed.

Asmae was also there waiting for him and told Faisal, "You think you are smart about me and you’re talking to lawyers. Now see what I do to you." She then ran out of the apartment and into the building's elevator where she proceeded to repeatedly strike herself in the face. Fortunately for Faisal, the elevator had surveillance cameras and Asmae's idiotic plan was caught on video.

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The surveillance video shows Asmae punching herself in the face before running out of the building and calling the police. Within hours, Faisal was arrested and charged with assault. It took $20,000 in lawyer fees to scroll through hundreds of hours of CCTV but eventually, they found the evidence he needed to clear his name.

In the "A Current Affair" interview, Faisal said, "I didn’t think she would go to that extent and go to the police after everything I did for her and forget everything and just ruin my life." Asmae is now on the run and has left Sydney but remains somewhere in hiding in Australia.

Nine News Australia/A Current Affair

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Faisal is asking for the Australian government to find his wife and send her packing back to Morocco. "I am the victim now," Faisal explained. "I got used and abused over and over again emotionally, mentally, financially — you name it. I’m the victim. She did that so now it’s her turn to face the consequences."

Sadly, Faisal is still working to pay off the lawyer fees as well as the damage to his Sydney apartment. He offered a warning to others saying, "If God shows you a picture, don’t try to paint it with different colors. Just stick with that or you’ll end up like me."

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Mooslim got red pilled. Theres good reason the old school hajis beat their wives

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