By: Steve Dellar | 12-05-2018 | News
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Brexit Battle Begins - Fury As Spanish Navy Blasts Patriotic Songs To UK’s Gibraltar (Video)

As we’ve repeatedly told you in our reporting on Brexit, the EU only needed 38 minutes to sign off on their proposed exit deal for the UK two weeks ago.

However, that is only after they had appeased Spain that the island nation of Gibraltar, which belongs to the UK but is encircled by Spain’s mainland, would receive a separate deal.

Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, had originally threatened to veto the deal, saying: “It has to be crystal clear: the tenor of the withdrawal deal and the tenor of the political declaration have to be abundantly clear that any future relations between the EU and the UK regarding Gibraltar have to be negotiated separately from the general future relationship between the EU and the UK, and must get Spain’s seal of approval.”

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In the end, the EU commission was able to convince Spain that Gibraltar, which voted 96% to remain in the EU, would only receive a deal the Spanish government could agree with.

The standoff between the island nation known as ‘the rock’ of Gibraltar and Spain, who would like it back, was shown once again yesterday when the Spanish navy threateningly sailed in the territorial waters next to the nation, playing … the Spanish national anthem at full volume.

A small UK navy ship then escorted the Spanish frigate back out towards Spain.

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The Spanish ship is believed to be the Infanta Elena, a Descubierta-class 1980s corvette, and Spain's stunt is the latest incident in Britain and the European nation’s 300-year-old dispute over Gibraltar.


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Anonymous No. 92189 2018-12-05 : 13:44

Thatcher would say: "Sink it!"

Anonymous No. 92203 2018-12-05 : 18:57

Hoho… good one on Thatcher. Well said!

Anonymous No. 92206 2018-12-05 : 21:46

One imperialist fighting another imperialist over the last crumbs of their empires.

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