By: Courtney Tubbs | 12-05-2018 | News
Photo credit: Manassas City Police

Virginia - Five Minority Thugs Charged in Brutal Lynching of 24-Year-Old

Five “teenage” minority suspects are now in custody, like Manassas, Virginia authorities allege the savage criminals are responsible for the barbaric “lynching” of a 24-year-old.

Law enforcement says the incident happened before an emergency 911 call about a shooting in the 10000 block of Massie Street in Manassas that would stun responding officers.

Upon arrival, law enforcement found a front door that was filled with freshly targeted bullet holes, and inside they would discover a man clinging to life in a pool of blood.

10000 Apartment Block of Massie Street.

The scene was so horrific that Reynaldo Eliazar Araujo was filled with gunshot wounds when authorities found his body, according to a statement from the Manassas City Police.

Reynaldo Eliazar

Days later, the Manassas City Police arrested one 18-year-old male and two 19-year-old women on charges of robbery stemming from the murder.

Again several days after, U.S. Marshals arrested a 17-year-old at the United States border with Texas in McAllen, Texas on conspiring to commit murder charges. Interrogations with that minor led to the arrest of a second juvenile of the same age.

As prosecutors examined the information from both crime scene evidence and interrogations, they discovered Virginia Code Chapter 4. Crimes Against the Person » Article 2. Crimes by Mobs » § 18.2-39, which defines the actions of the five total suspects as engaging in “lynching.”

”Any act of violence by a mob upon the body of any person, which shall result in the death of such person, shall constitute a "lynching."

This particular language turned a grisly homicide scene into a capital crime of “lynching,” leading to the inevitable indictment of each suspect involved who will all be charged as adults.

Three of the suspects have their pictures released as per a report from local ABC affiliate Channel 7 WJLA.

Credit: Local ABC affiliate Channel 7 WJLA

18-year-old Terrance Tyrese Martin, 19-year-old Ebelin Jojana Lopez, 19-year-old Seni Jimenez Blanco, and two 17-year-old boys are all in custody after being Indicted on Monday, Local FOX News Affiliate in DC Channel 5 reported.

According to a press release from Manassas City Police Department spokesperson Sarah Maroney, lynching is considered second-degree murder.

Police say the thugs went to Araujo’s apartment around 2 AM while he was asleep with the intentions of robbing him.

"What we do know is these younger generations are trying to make a name for themselves, so some of the crimes they are committing are very gruesome, are very violent just so they can build their own reputation because that is what gangs are about -- building a reputation of being the worst gang in the area," said Jay Lanham, Executive Director of the Northern Virginia regional gang task force.

"They have no problem committing the crimes they're committing and the violence that goes along with it and that's scary. That should be scary for anyone," he said.

Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert said these lynching charges are rare for the area and intends for a long trial.

The identities of the two minors have yet to be released.

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Deplorable Robert No. 92210 2018-12-06 : 00:42

Does this "Lynching" designation lead to a possible Death Penalty?
Committing a felony in the commission of a murder SHOULD make it a Capital Offense.

Tab No. 92211 2018-12-06 : 01:33

gang-banging jigaboo hispanics again.... whodathunkit?

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