By: Savannah Smith | 12-06-2018 | News
Photo credit: Colorado Police

CO - Pedo Gets Prison After Child-Luring Try Foiled By Crowbar-Armed Babysitter

A brave and alert babysitter armed with a crowbar saved the day- and ensured the safety and protection of vulnerable children after foiling the attempt of a horrific pedophile to lure them into his car in Colorado Springs.

The incident happened on July 28, 2017 at an RV park near downtown. Authorities said Garbacz exposed himself to three children playing in a front year and then extended an invite for one of them to get into his car.

It was a good thing the girl had the presence of mind and the quickness to ran instead inside their home to alert her babysitter. The babysitter proved to be just as bold and came out to confront the predator by throwing a crowbar at Garbacz’s fleeing car, effectively smashing his window.

The Salida man has since been ordered to serve four years in prison on Wednesday after a court hearing. The said penalty was meted out by 4th Judicial District Chief William Bain after 47-year-old Michael John Garbacz agreed to serve his sentence under a guilty plea to second-degree kidnapping.

Prosecutors dismissed indecent exposure and child enticement charges in exchange.

The girl’s father expressed relief and gratitude for the feisty babysitter. He said of her: “I learned I have a frigging awesome babysitter.”

The father also underscored the importance of preparing children for such possible horrible scenarios. He said his previous training came handy in a time of emergency. He shared after Garbacz’s sentencing that his children had been taught to be wary of strangers.

Prosecutor Brien Cecil said during the sentencing hearing that Garbacz has previously posed a danger to society as he has at least three prior felonies.

His latest crime came just months after he was released from a Florida prison after serving a four-year sentence for aggravated battery and assault.

Garbacz was also granted credit for time served for 461 days he spent in custody after his arrest.


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