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Nancy Pelosi Suggests Revisiting Tax Cuts ‘Crumbs’ To Fund Job Growth Proposal

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Department of Labor issued its November jobs statement, reporting disappointing job growth in November:

“November jobs report shows an economy straining beneath the weight of a callous GOP special interest agenda that has ransacked the economic security of hard-working families to enrich the already-wealthy.

“In the election, voters delivered a resounding verdict against the Republican Congress’ brutal health care sabotage campaign, massive unpaid-for tax breaks for big banks, Big Pharma and big corporations shipping jobs overseas, and relentless attacks on Medicare and Medicaid. The American people will soon have a House Majority that will serve the public interest, not the special interests.

“Our Democratic Majority is ready to restore openness, bipartisanship, and unity to the Congress as we deliver For The People: lower health costs, raise wages by rebuilding America and clean up corruption to make Washington work for everyone.”

Pelosi and her sidekicks’ proposal for ‘a better deal’ is shown below.

A Better Deal for Teachers and Students would:

Dedicate $50 billion to states and school districts to increase teacher compensation and recruit and retain a strong, diverse workforce over the next 10 years.

Establish a new $50 billion fund for school infrastructure and resources.

Provide additional support to initiatives that increase capacity in Title I schools and ensure all students have access to academic opportunities like computer science, music, and civics.

Protect teachers’ freedom to negotiate for better pay and conditions by safeguarding the right of public employees to join unions, collectively bargain, and engage in collective action to support each other.

Meet our federal commitment to fund special education.

How will we pay for this investment?

Paying for this is simple: revisit the Trump tax cuts, better known as ‘crumbs’

Face facts, the only reason Democrats want to fund education is to indoctrinate our children with their ideology, and they want to take out ‘crumbs’ back, to do it.

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Booger Red No. 92347 2018-12-08 : 16:09

Nancy truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Bless her heart.

DA No. 92348 2018-12-08 : 16:12

I used to believe that teachers were the most underpaid profession... Ya get what ya pay for... But now... I would be cautious w/saying so

Anonymous No. 92350 2018-12-08 : 16:21

I hope this old goat chokes on her dentures!

Logic kicking-in No. 92357 2018-12-08 : 17:13

Too all Politicians....
Instead of increasing taxes to play Santa to various state governments and special interest groups like the NEA.

Just exempt all Public Education ONLY Teachers, in good standing, for Grades 1 to 12 from State and Federal Income Taxes for the 1st $ 75K of their annual salary, after 5 years of contiguous good service.

This way the Taxpayer never have fund $$billions, and the issue is resolved WITHOUT the States and US Congress slimming 21++% in handling fees.

I am sure the NEA would support it, unless they feel it takes political power away from their usual $$ Million in political donations

Meme No. 92358 2018-12-08 : 17:27

Wtf indoctrination centers got the 1st odumbo demonRAT stimulus package brought the debt to 19 trillion.

Michael M. No. 92360 2018-12-08 : 17:49

The only special interest group Trump is interested in is the American People!!! The Bob Hope clip is GREAT!!!

Jeffrey Aston No. 92371 2018-12-08 : 19:31

Hand off my Crumbs! Biotch! She would take every penny we make, if she could. I look at her and all I see is an old crook! She needs to retire and go away,. For good!

Rock No. 92372 2018-12-08 : 19:41

Pelosi and company disgust Patriotic Americans who are awoke. The Storm is here.

Tony No. 92374 2018-12-08 : 20:00

Teachers unions have ruined our youth

Anonymous No. 92380 2018-12-08 : 23:36

the shallowness of this organism is breathtaking

Jo No. 92386 2018-12-09 : 02:53

God Bless our Republican Majority Senate.

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