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OH - A Bacon-Vending Machine Comforts College Students Taking Finals

It’s “hell week” for most of the college students in the country with Finals examinations and all ongoing that they will need all the nourishment and comfort they can get to keep their energy and enthusiasm up for the grueling weeks. For many Ohio State University students, their “savior” came in the form of delicious and mouth-watering all-American favorite - bacon.

The College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences decided to put up a bacon vending machine for students wishing to take a much-needed break from studying. The idea has turned out to be a blockbuster, brilliant one being such a huge hit with students.

The bacon vending machine was selling like hotcakes literally that they have to have it restocked about four or five times a day.

The vending machine churns out cooked bacon strips and bacon bits for $1.

The even better thing is, the project was not only intended to give students a break from their serious studying, but that proceeds from the smash hit bacon vending machine will also benefit the meat science program of the university.

The members of the meat science program run the bacon machine operation on the Columbus campus.

The Ohio Pork Council sponsored the machine, with bacon donations coming from popular bacon brands Smithfield, Hormel and Sugardale. The bacon vending machine will remain on campus through Dec. 13.

Students happy with the project say they not only love the bacon, but the “Ohioness” of the idea.

It is not just clear if the bacon vending machine, like alcoholic drinks, also comes with a warning to take it in moderation.


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all those offended muslims

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Mmmmmmm, bacon!

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