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The Rise of QAnon in France: Le monde est surveillé

One of the most hated of society's subsections in the entire world is the “QAnon” crowd. Now, the movement has taken a foothold in France among the “Yellow Vest“ protestors against Emmanuel Macron's tyrannical globalist regime.

The people of France have had enough of globalism.

The Goldwater “It's Because of You France is F*cked,” Paris Police Officer to Journalist Knocked Down

It began with the fourth straight week of “Yellow Vest” protests, where French Nationalists could be seen wearing the QAnon symbol proudly as they stood against the European Union’s Army of ungodly oppression.

Emmanuel Macron may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Soon thereafter, social media began to light up with supporters over the fact yellow vests were using the QAnon symbolism displayed on their high visibility and now iconic jackets.

Images of yellow vests adorning specific messages against pedophilia, the oligarchy which controls their government, and the desire to end the disastrous policies of Emmanuel Macron could be seen on Twitter, Facebook, and the home of QAnon,'s /qresearch/ board.

“QAnon Seen Among French Yellow Vests” was the word quickly going viral, and there was no denying that the counterculture movement has taken root among France's patriots.

Many other nations began to hurl themselves into the Yellow Vests protest, including that of Belgium and Amsterdam. The solidarity among Nationalists is a shot heard around the world.

It wouldn't be long before the infamous QAnon caught wind of the revolution, and sent his own message of support to the French people.


In no time, French Patriots developed their own threads for research, spawning a new dawn in the worldwide fight against globalism.

Click here to view the French qresearch thread.

Bienvenue sur Q Research FRANCE
Nous tenons ces vérités pour acquises : que tout être humain est égal ; doté par son créateur de certains droits inaliénables ; comme le droit à la vie, la liberté, et la poursuite du bonheur.

Nous sommes des chercheurs, nous scrutons les informations open-source, argumentons de façon raisonnée, et produisons des "memes" (suggestion : appelons les PV (sic) pour Parodie Virale). Nous nous battons dans la sphère des idées et des idées seulement. Nous n'avons pas besoin et d'ailleurs condamnons l'usage de la force dans notre travail ici.

(Où l'un de nous va, tous nous allons - O1DNVTNA)
Preuves de Q et bienvenue
Bienvenue sur Q Research FRANCE
(Pour tout connaître sur le fonctionnement de 8chan, lisez le README FIRST, ensuite vous pouvez commencer à lorgner)'s /qresearch/ board.

Storm Is Upon Us - Chaîne Youtube -

Excellentes vidéos explicatives du mouvement planétaire en cours, commencez ici.

Americans stand with France.

While the French people are being assaulted by France's Macron, we've seen shocking images of violence and militarized EU armed forces attacking the citizens of France.

You know you're on the wrong side of history when you're attacking a French Nationalist for simply holding the flag of France.

But that's what's occurring on the ground, as the EU Army rises against the people of France.

These are people fed up with the status-quo, the overly taxed socialist utopia of open borders Macron has created.

How dare the French people want freedom from this tyranny? How dare they want a civil and just life in the nation their ancestors built?

Enough is enough. Globalism is going to be defeated. Mass immigration will be defeated. The fire rises globally.

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Macron wants an EU Army, not to fight Russia but to attack his own people.

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Macron wants an EU Army, not to fight Russia but to attack his own people.

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Macron wants an EU Army, not to fight Russia but to attack his own people.

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Macron wants an EU Army, not to fight Russia but to attack his own people.

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Macron wants an EU Army, not to fight Russia but to attack his own people.

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Macron and Merkel want an EU army NOT to counter Russia but to attack their own people.

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