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CA - Man Avails Of Burger King’s Whopper Deal for a Penny, Ends Up Paying $1,000

It was supposed to be an unbelievably great deal from Burger King offering customers its iconic Whopper meal for just a mere penny for a limited run - only if they would agree to troll their biggest competitor, McDonalds. A lot of customers availed of the almost free burgers, trolling included, but one man who was supposed to be charged just 1 cent for his online purchase ended up being charged over a thousand dollars for the Whopper meal in a deal gone wrong due to an online app glitch.

Under the promo rules for the Whopper meal for a penny from Burger King, customers must first do a detour to McDonalds and ask their drive-thru crew for the Whopper deal, before they make the purchase online using an app which is only available within the vicinity of McDonalds or at most within 600 feet of a McDonalds store. Boyce Harvey did just that, but when he went to pick up his amazing deal of an order, the manager informed him that they couldn’t find his order.

Harvey was forced to just select a fresh deal online but he soon got the shock of his life when he found out that he was charged $1,093.91 for his order. He tried the penny Whopper deal hoping to score a great deal just like the rest but ended up paying much, much more for just burgers. He ended up feeling scammed of a thousand dollars.

Creating more trouble and inconvenience for Harvey is the fact that he is now faced with a huge overdraft on his account. He said he doesn’t know exactly what happened, but he deplored the glitch because “technology is supposed to help us.”

Burger King for its part has promised to Harvey that they’re trying to straighten out whatever mess created by the app.

McDonald’s must be laughing at the mess.


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Anonymous No. 92503 2018-12-10 : 18:49

have it our way

Anonymous No. 92540 2018-12-11 : 19:10

Play stupid games.....

Anonymous No. 92548 2018-12-11 : 20:57

Ok I will say it...there was a Whopper of mistake😌.

But how many 100's of 1000's got for a penny.

Hats off to Burger King for doing something to feed a lot of people.

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