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US-China Technology War Puts Focus On Huawei Founder Family

The eyes of the world have focused on Chinese telecom company Huawei for a few days now. Since it became known that CFO Ms Meng Wanzhou was imprisoned because of alleged violations of US imposed sanctions against Iran, a move that has led to serious tensions between the US and China, everyone wants to know who they are, everyone is interested in the family.

This is because Ms Wanzhou is one of the three children of the company's founder, CEO and billionaire Mr Ren Zhengfei. The ‘Huawei’ family, who otherwise likes to keep a low profile, are suddenly in the middle of the spotlight.

Huawei is of course one of the crown jewels of the Chinese economy.

74-year-old Mr Ren Zhengfei built it into one of the most successful technology company in the country. It is even bigger than Apple when it comes to smartphone sales.


Ren Zhengfei was born in a modest family in the poorest province of China, Guizhou.

"We had salt for cooking and that's why we were considered rich in the area where we lived", he once said in an interview. He went to work as an engineer in the army and therefore many still suspect him of having ties with the Chinese government.

Mr Zhengfei denies that he was ever asked to spy. That was also the period that Ren married for the first time. With his wife Meng Jun he had two children: daughter Meng Wanzhou (the current jailed CFO of his company) and son Meng Ping, who took on the name of their mother.

When Ren was 39, in 1983, he left the army and after a brief adventure in the oil sector, he founded Huawei in 1987.

He says that he personally developed that company into what it is today.

It earned him a fortune estimated at 3.5 billon dollar.

Shortly after founding Huawei he divorced his wife. He remarried Yao Ling and with her he had another daughter: Annabel Yao (21 years old, pictured) who is rumored to be the apple of his eye.

She lives as a princess and studies computer science at Harvard. On Instagram you can see that she has a passion for ballet and fashion.

Just last weekend, whilst her stepsister was jailed, she attended the 'Ball des Débutantes' in Paris, an exclusive fashion event for the children of super rich and world stars.

Not much is known about how Ren spends his fortune. For an article spread in Paris Match, the family did pose in a luxurious palace in the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, but that was once again done at the demand of youngest daughter Annabel Yao, Ren’s favorite.

Ren is currently married to his third wife, his former assistant Su Wei.


Not much is known about the two children from his first marriage. Ms Meng Wanzhou - who also calls herself Cathy or Sabrina - graduated in accounting and joined Huawei in 1993, shortly after leaving university. She started working at Huawei and is currently CFO and vice-chairman of the board.

Ms Meng is married to the Chinese-Canadian businessman Carlos Xiaozong Liu, who previously worked for Huawei as well.

They own two properties in Vancouver, which together would be worth more than $ 20 million.

Ms Meng was arrested in Canada on 1 December at the request of the United States, who want her to be extradited.
Her brother Meng Ping is also very fond of his private life. He works for a subsidiary of Huawei has little interest in taking over the company from his father.

Not that any of his children will ever get the chance, because in a leaked internal e-mail from 2013 Ren wrote that "none of his children had the qualities" to ever lead Huawei globally.


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