By: Savannah Smith | 12-11-2018 | News
Photo credit: North Brunswick Police Department Body Cam Footage

NJ - Body Cam Footage Shows Dramatic Rescue of a Family Trapped in Condo Fire

This incident shows the heroism of first responders and how they gallantly save lives, with one officer not hesitating to come to the scene of the emergency at once even while off-duty. Body cam footage from North Brunswick Police Department shows the harrowing scenes of police officers working quickly and decisively to rescue an entire family from a burning second-floor apartment.

One officer went the extra mile when he scaled the house to bring children and grandparents over to his colleagues below who were shouting instructions and support from where they were.

Another rescuing officer was off-duty at the time of the fire and just happened to be near the site of the incident. Port Authority Police Officer John Shaughnessy was just coming out from his North Brunswick townhouse with his dog at about 10:30 p.m. when he saw the flames coming from one of the first-floor units of a condominium complex around 50 yards from his own residence.

Shaughnessy did not hesitate to drop his plans and immediately run to the scene to lend a hand to first responders. He helped banged on doors and windows to wake people up and alert them of the fire and guide them to leave their units.

The biggest challenge came for the family trapped on a second floor balcony. Dramatic footage from the body camera shows the magnitude of the emergency, and how lives were at serious risk if not for the decisive actions of the rescuers. Joseph Grassco was the one who climbed up the balcony and went on to deftly lower the family members including two grandparents and two young children into the waiting arms of Shaughnessy and other officers below. It took both guts and focus to be able to do that.

Shaughnessy described the scenario: “The whole entire walkway that would be their front door was engulfed in flames so the only way for them to come out was the balcony and even that was close to the flames.”’

One resident even witnessed the off-duty officer as he rescued a girl of around four years, and went running with her cradled in his arms. A six months old baby was also rescued.

The children were all safe from the fire. All residents of the condo were also unharmed. No serious injuries were reported. Many of the condominium units will have to be demolished, though.



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Deb No. 92546 2018-12-11 : 19:25

Heroes don't wear capes...….

Anonymous No. 92561 2018-12-12 : 03:03

My dad was a firefighter, ran mostly medical calls and car accidents. He did it because he could help people, these cops are cops for the same reason. To all of those first responders that work to help us, thank you. We would be much worse off without you all. And don't forget to rib the local firehouse a bit.

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