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Angry Vikings Fan Puts U.S. Bank Stadium On Sale For $1,000,000,000 On Craigslist

What happens when an angry Vikings fan with a little computer knowledge decides he wants revenge? Well, that is just what one Vikings fan did on Tuesday afternoon. He made it clear that he was frustrated with the team in the listing, perhaps he lost a lot of money betting on the Vikings?

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When you try to go to the original listing, you get a message that the post has already been flagged for removal. The disgruntled Vikings fan posted the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis to the classified advertisements section of Craigslist after the football team lost 21-7 to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday.

It is unclear if the fan was seriously trying to sell the building or at least make some kind of cash out of the listing, or if it was purely intended to be satire. I'll let you be the judge, here is what he wrote:

Craigslist Ad

"For Sale: Lightly used $1,000,000,000 stadium. Occupant has been a team that only has success in breaking the hearts of the fans. Long history of collecting talent with no ideas on how to use them.

Included: $84 million QB who can't win against teams with winning records, and is 0-7 on MNF. A league record!

All reasonable offers considered. Will even entertain ideas to convert to a homeless shelter, as there is a greater chance of one of those folk becoming a success."

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As if this weren't enough of a troll to the Vikings and the stadium's owner, the angry fan added a photo of a dumpster fire to the listing. The liberals out there will be calling for his arrest for making a threat to burn down the stadium all because of an image of a dumpster fire in the listing.

Thus far, the Vikings fan seems to have come out unscathed and he does not appear to be facing any legal repercussions although it seems possible he could be sued in a civil court. The Vikings are currently holding onto a 6-6-1 record. They are scheduled to play the Miami Dolphins next on Sunday at the very same stadium the Vikings fan tried to sell.

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Perhaps some of the Vikings fan's frustration stems from the team signing Quarterback Kirk Cousins who landed a three-year, $84 million deal with the team. The expectations were clearly that Cousins would help improve the team's performance, but that hasn't been the case.

The Vikings couldn't even score in their last game against the Seattle Seahawks until they finally scored a touchdown. It wasn't enough, however, and the Vikings lost the game 7-21.

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