By: Steve Dellar | 12-13-2018 | News
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Miss USA Slammed For Shock ‘Mean Girls’ Backstabbing (Video)

Now that Ariana Grande has a new video out taking the internet back towards memories of the Mean Girls movie, Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers must have figured her time had come to show the world her inner ‘Regina George.’

A video that apparently saw her mock both Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam for not speaking English is going around the internet like wildfire.

The Miss World election has already taken place this year, but this weekend the election of Miss Universe is still planned. Who will get hold of the crown is not yet clear, but the chance that the American candidate wins has become a lot smaller in recent days. Sarah Rose Summers is currently being slammed on Twitter after a comment about two other participants.

In her official promo film, Miss USA Sarah Rose was still full of praise for her Cambodian colleague. "I met Miss Cambodia and she is just beautiful!" It sounded elated.

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Regina George, is that you? This is basically like the most dramatic reality show, but condensed into 1 minute lol. @sarahrosesummers hopefully will prove that ignorance will not win you a @missuniverse title...whatever that means these days. This is basically what normalized xenophobia looks like. If she’s trying to show empathy, the condescending, intolerant tone tells a different story. A reminder that you’re participating in a competition in a country/continent where English is NOT the primary language. Cc: @francesca.hung @valeriamoralesd @rern_sinat (Miss Cambodia) • #sarahrosesummers #rernsinat #valeriamorales #francescahung #missuniverse2018 #missuniverse #missworld #missusa #missaustralia #misscolombia #beautyqueen #beautypageant #pageant #pageantlife #missamerica #wiwt #ootd #realityshow #meangirls #reginageorge #gossip #catty #lol #wtf #dietprada

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Later on, during an Instagram Live with Miss Colombia and Miss Australia, however, things went quite differently.

"Miss Cambodia is here and she does not speak a word of English. And no other person speaks her language," says Summers "Can you imagine that? That must be so isolating, and so confusing."

The language skills of Miss Vietnam were also taken into consideration. "Sometimes she just smiles when you talk to her and she does not answer. I think she does not understand us."

The threesome, and especially Miss USA, were blasted on social media afterward. The girls are accused of bullying and votes went up that the threesome should be disqualified.

Especially the fact that Summers said she had "compassion because Miss Cambodia does not speak English," felt very wrong to many people. "How stupid and unworldly", people said. Others thought she was simply racist.

Mr Troy Barbagallo, director of Pink Tank Events - the organization that hosts the Miss Universe election this year - said he has now spoken with the girls in question and emphasizes that there is no question of bullying or racism.

"Allegations of bullying are unfounded, and we can almost speak of bullying behavior against Miss USA now," he reports. "The statements are completely taken out of context; the girls were just chatting and expressing their sympathy for Miss Cambodia. She is the only person whose language is not spoken by anyone else. They have met her again in the meantime and she does not blame them. "


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4 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 92640 2018-12-13 : 18:21

Why do they even have these stupid contests. Nibody watches them any more. A bunch of dumb women parading for what?

WhoCares? But.... No. 92642 2018-12-13 : 22:15

I took that video as they were concerned about her not having an interpreter in a contest where the most common language spoken is English. I could only imagine being a participant in an event where the common language was Cambodian giving me the feels of isolation.
Time for the PC crap to end and for snowflakes to stop reading more into a twatt or statement than was actually said.

Anonymous No. 92643 2018-12-13 : 22:31

She is literally defending and saying how difficult it would be for her. To me it seemed she was emphasizing with Miss Cambodia, nice try though. Turning into garbage tier

ca No. 92646 2018-12-14 : 00:23

oh, come on.... simmer down y'all....

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