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Bomb Threat Emails Spammed Across U.S. Not Credible Says FBI

Across the country, people and organizations received a series of bomb threats made through email. The emails were spammed nationwide Thursday, forcing hundreds to halt and evacuate the premises including some with thousands of people. Now, the FBI and other authorities have confirmed that the emails which were sent out to businesses ans schools across the country are not credible threats.

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Despite what seemed like convincing threats, the FBI and the Washington Police Department say the threat is not credible and the agencies have conducted sweeps of targeted buildings. They say there is no safety concern, despite the emails saying they would bomb the location if they did not receive ransom payments through bitcoin.

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Officials are regarding the messages as spam and not actual threats but some businesses weren't so convinced. They took some extra measures just to err on the side of caution and I don't blame them; it's not like the government is never wrong. The messages were eerily convincing starting off with subjects such as "No need to be heroic" and then going on to inform "that my man has hidden the bomb (trinitrotoluene) in the building where your company is located."

The emails even warned, "My mercenary built a bomb according to my instructions. It is compact and it is hidden very carefully, it is impossible to destroy the structure of the building by my bomb, but in the case of its detonation there will be many wounded people." If you ask me, something is off about the grammar and it seems to come through a person whose first language isn't English who then ran it through Grammarly.

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The email contained a Bitcoin address where the money, $20,000, would have to be transferred by the end of the day "and the explosive will not detonate." It goes on to warn them not to alert authorities and if they see anything suspicious they will blow up the device. You have to hand it to these scammers in countries like India sitting at call centers all day composing emails like these, they are getting good at it, and it certainly had at least some people very scared.

Who knows, maybe some of them even paid the ransom.

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ca No. 92662 2018-12-14 : 02:37

well, when i saw that the FBI said not credible, i immediately thought... that's right, it's not credible, and how convenient that it serves to distract from the illegalities perpetrated on citizens by the FBI that will soon be proven ..... i (we) have been conditioned to suspect any quirky news story involving these rogue agencies.....

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