By: Steve Dellar | 12-14-2018 | News
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France - Strasbourg Terrorist Killed In Brutal Police Shootout (Video)

French police shot and killed terrorist Cherif Chekatt in the Neudorf district of the city of Strasbourg a few hours ago. The news of his death was confirmed by the French Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Christophe Castaner.

Yesterday evening, a new police operation had started in the Neudorf district of the city. A police source informed the French press that terrorist who shot multiple people on Tuesday evening during the Christmas market in Strasbourg was neutralized after he himself opened fire on police forces.

Chekatt is thought to have hidden in a warehouse in the district of La Meinau, not far from the Neudorf quartier where he grew up and was seen for the last time on Tuesday evening. The French Interior Minister declared that Mr. Chekatt "was noticed by a specialized brigade around 9 pm when the man wandered in the street. They tried to stop him, but he turned and fired at the agents. They reacted immediately and neutralized the attacker."

Soldier of IS

In a communiqué via its propaganda channel Amaq, the terrorist organization Islamic State says that Chérif Chekatt "was part of IS's army. He carried out this operation after receiving the call to attack the citizens of countries that fight IS in Syria and Iraq."

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Earlier in the day, there was already a major police operation in which numerous officers put their cars across the road into the town center in order to stop traffic. Heavily armed and shielded police officers moved in groups and entered homes. The operation was paused around 7 pm and resumed an hour later.

The Christmas market in Strasbourg will reopen tomorrow, three days after the attack, Minister Castaner confirmed. After the bloody attack on Tuesday, it had been decided to keep the Christmas market closed. "There has been consensus with the local mayor about a reopening as from tomorrow," said Minister Castaner. "Not reopening the Christmas market would mean giving in to those who hate our country."

Fifth arrest

In the investigation into the attack on the Christmas market of Strasbourg, a fifth person has been detained. According to the Parisian justice department, the man arrested is a 39-year-old friend of prime suspect Chériff Chekatt.

He had a close relationship with the terrorist and they were previously in prison together. Chekatt is believed to have spent the night before on Tuesdays in the center of Strasbourg with his friend in Lingolsheim, southwest of the city.

Earlier in the week, the parents and two brothers of the suspect were also taken into custody.

Meanwhile, politicians in France are declaring their disbelief that a man with so many earlier arrests and convictions (27) was able to walk the streets, certainly after being declared as a ‘Fiche S,’ or a ‘possible danger to the state.’

Mr. Laurent Wauquiez, the current President of The Republicans party, asked: “How many attacks must people flagged for terrorism commit before we adapt our laws to the fight against terrorism?”

“What are we waiting for before we finally start fringing back against the fundamentalists, who had declared a war against us?”


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Anonymous No. 92682 2018-12-14 : 12:12

BRUTAL ??????
Sorry nothing is too brutal for a Terrorist that murdered women and children just out shopping.

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