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Feminists Are More Attracted to Sexist, Mysognistic Men

There's an interesting new report via Psychology Today surrounding the sexual attractions of feminists, who overwhelmingly say they're more inclined to crave a relationship with a man whose otherwise deemed as “misogynistic” or “sexist.”

The study comes amidst a new wave sense of feminism that has swept society, with women leaning-in for less traditional roles of raising a family and opting into the workplace. Not to mention, the cultural Marxist academia of college and the indoctrination they're receiving while away at campuses across the United States.

As it turns out, even those seeking liberal policies and feminism are attracted to the “Chad,” “Classic,” and “Macho” style of men that they're taught to despise.

It's almost as if men are supposed to be dominant, and women are intended to mother, and nurture.

Men today are taught that they're the outcast of society. White males suffer even more, as they're victimized by almost every racial subgroup on the planet.

You don't need to look further than this behavior to understand why it is that men are disgusted with the modern world. Society itself is stacked against them.

This has yet to sway most women from their aficionado of lusting for a man that society paints as “dark natured,” instead of making them crave the “bad boy” image.

Let's take a look at a few examples of articles reflecting the desire of feminist women to want the guys who they're told not to be attracted to.

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Credit: Women's Health.

Another huge problem for these women is that many are viewed as “damaged goods” to the “bad boys” of society. Men are simply not attracted to women who live degenerate lives.

We'll show you an example of this below, by taking a look at these two women who discuss their attraction to “bad boys,” but ignore their own behaviors as being a turn-off.

When a woman wastes her life away promoting feminist causes and hating men, they tend to venture into degeneracy. Whether that's sleeping around, chasing the bottom of a bottle of alcohol at the local bar, or just outright destroying their reputations through social justice causes? Men no longer want those women.

Hence, the “damaged goods” phrasing.

Also, women tend to shun good and honest men, who most likely would have provided for them a family and stable living.

A large portion of the beliefs of feminists is instilled in them at a young age.

The indoctrination from television programming and Hollywood films is enough to make women feel as if men have scary motives of misogynistic behaviors, even when it's untrue.

Credit: Mark Escoto | Medium.

Appearance is important too, on the favor of both men and women.

Everyone has their ideas on what physical traits are most preferable among the sexes.

Credit: Fit Rated.

There's also a cultural shift in means of approaching a sexual partner in 2018.

More men say they've always preferred to chat with women in person, whereas more women prefer to chat with men via text messaging or messaging applications.

Credit: Statista.

If women are favoring using technology to meet partners, and they've developed favoritism of “bad boys,” the likelihood of the nicest of men winning their affection is slim.

The Conclusion:

Despite the efforts of academia and indoctrination, women are meant to be submissive and nurturing by genetics. No amount of social engineering can change the ultimate cravings of the natural order.

If a man wants to attract a good woman, he need not be full of hatred and spite, but he needs to push the boundaries of what's accepted by social norms. He must remain persistent and in control, asserting himself as dominant.

Most men, and women;despite the best efforts of cultural Marxists want a traditional and fulfilling life.

They want to be mothers. They want to be wives. They want men who will provide and give them satisfaction.

For that to happen, feminists? You must abandon your losing lifestyle.

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Tab No. 92701 2018-12-15 : 01:16

if you want her to love you, you have to slap her around.

Mr. Macho de Man No. 92820 2018-12-17 : 00:46

There is a portion of society that doesn't already understand this to be the case. That portion is the sleeping 'woke.'

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