By: Savannah Smith | 12-17-2018 | News
Photo credit: Mattel/Jacobi and Caprio

AZ - Gay Couple Pushes Toymaker To Produce “Same-Sex Barbie Set”

A same-sex couple from Arizona has come out with the idea to create a same-sex couple Barbie set. The toymaker, Mattel, behind the iconic doll, has been cool with the idea and is working with the gay couple to market their idea of same-sex Barbie set to wider, mainstream buyers.

Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio who have been together for 11 years were first inspired by the same-sex Barbie set idea when they were in the thick of preparations for their wedding, and they were looking for a gift to their flower girl, who also happened to be Jacobi’s niece.

The pair looked everywhere intently for something that will delight Natalie on her 8th birthday. Jacobi shared: “We went online and we also went through Target and Walmart and were just searching and we found this awesome wedding set from Mattel and it was almost perfect.”

The gift item appealed to the couple as “almost perfect” because something was still amiss. They could not relate wholly because it featured Barbie as the bride and Ken as the groom as the conventional straight couple. Then the imaginative pair thought of something to better reflect who they are, and what they stand for.

Jacobi said: “So we bought another Ken, who was in a tux, and took out Barbie and added another Ken in, tied it together and gave Natalie the gift and her reaction was priceless.”

Happy with their flower girl’s seal of approval, but wanted to push things further, the couple reached out to toymaker Mattel. Jacobi shared a photo of the same-sex Ken couple they made on his social media accounts and told Mattel, ‘I hope this inspires you.”

The response came quickly, and quite positive. The company asked them to come to Los Angeles in January to help the toymaker come up with a same-sex couple marriage doll set.

Caprio could not hide his excitement with their impending project, and a possible partnership with the toymaker to bring their same-sex doll set to a bigger market. He said: “For them to reach out and take to social media shows the power of your voice on social media. It was great to be able to contact them and we’re really excited to see where this goes and work with them.”

Not all social media users are responding as enthusiastically with the idea, however, with some even saying, “they’re going too far.”


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