By: Courtney Tubbs | 12-17-2018 | News
Photo credit: Sputnik News

Vladimir Putin: Rap Music Is a Path to the Degradation of a Nation

Russian President Vladimir Putin supports traditional values and the removal of degenerate influence from the lives of the youthful citizens of his great country, saying “Rap Music” is a path to the degradation of a country.

"Rap and other modern [forms of art] are rested upon three pillars - sex, drugs, and protest," Putin said at a meeting of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art in St Petersburg. "I am most worried about drugs. This is the way towards the degradation of a nation.”

The words of Putin have enraged the western media, with the minority culture showing itself as driving more anger towards the mongoloid nation.

"Drugs are the most worrying. They are the route to a nation's degradation," Putin said, acknowledging the glorification of drugs in rap music.

Black Americans see it differently and feel as if their “culture” has something to offer western nations, by way of the world's highest crime rates among the black community.

Credit: Center for Disease Control.

Putin believes that the Russian Government needs to “take control” of the entertainment industry, which continues to expose Russian children to the degeneracy of drugs through rap music's indoctrination.

Statistics among the culture show that violence follows it, whether it be gun crimes or unarmed assaults on the in innocent.

Some rappers in Russia have been sentenced to jail for their negative criticisms of the government's traditional lifestyle policies, and many Americans agree that Putin’s preservation of values is worthy of respect.

A primal, primitive people being given a microphone, pen, and paper in order to influence your children doesn't seem like the best of ideas.

Credit: Business Insider.

"If it is impossible to stop it, it should be taken over and navigated in a particular way,” Putin added.

Do you agree that the culture of rap music, which glorifies violence and narcotics is a threat to your children? Is Putin correct here?

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Daniel R. Hale-Colo. ALS Research No. 92857 2018-12-17 : 17:58

This is spot on correct. Rap was born under the premise of killing police officers and made parents jobs much harder to do in raising children. It did NOT honor the legacy of Mo-Town and has set the black man back one hundred years. White parents are over the crime rap and the dysfunction that it represents brings to society. Ray Charles said it was a farce. It has contaminated music and the work and time that real music requires. It is vulgar and classless. These people shot each other at their own award ceremonies. Pretty much says it all doesn't it.

Russian anti-bot No. 92858 2018-12-17 : 18:34

I have to agree with the rusky on this one.

Anonymous No. 93511 2019-01-01 : 09:55

We get it, Fat Girl, we get it. You're Alabama White Trash... We get it...

Anonymous No. 93681 2019-01-19 : 23:41

Putin smarter than the average demonRAT

darenot No. 94949 2019-10-10 : 11:01

I'm inclined to agree with Putin.

Anonymous No. 95146 2020-08-20 : 23:38

Putin is stating the obvious in my opinion. When it first came out, it put free speech to the test. Idiots.

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