By: Steve Dellar | 12-18-2018 | News
Photo credit: Screenshot Der Spiegel (November 2016)

Germany – Two Thirds Of Refugee Arrivals On Welfare

Two out of three refugees are, according to the German Employment Office’s official statistics, currently depending on a social assistance benefits payment. Among them are also many children and people who have a job, but do not earn enough to provide for their maintenance. A government spokesperson admitted this in Nuremberg on Monday at the presentation of the annual figures.

The German Employment Office statistics for refugees are based on the 1.7 million people who have come to Germany from the eight most important countries, including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, and Somalia.

63 percent of them are depending on welfare payments. This is mainly because they are not yet speaking German or do not have the right training.

According to the German Employment Office, 31.6 percent of the newcomers had a regular job or part-time work in September.

In the same month of 2017, that was still only 23.4 percent. Employer chair Mr Ingo Kramer therefore noted that their integration into the German labor market was going well. In Germany there were 5.91 million benefit claimants last month. Of these, 4 million are able to work.


There is another trend that is striking among the refugees that have arrived in Germany from Syria. An incredibly high amount of the Syrian women divorce their husbands after seeing life in Western Europe.

Ms. Najat Abokal, who, as one of the only female Arabic-speaking lawyers in Berlin, has become the go-to for Syrian women filing for divorce, admitted that: “I have never seen so many people from one nationality want to get divorced.”

“I’ve seen many people from many different countries immigrate to Germany, but I’ve never seen a social structure break down like it has among Syrians.”

Although there are no formal statistics on Syrian refugee divorce rates in Germany as it is a new phenomenon, Ms. Abokal says the divorce spike in Syrian women is dramatic: “Once they arrive in Germany, women are able to make a sort of revolution.”

As the asylum seekers are entitled to social benefits, women can claim benefits independently so long as they can prove they are separated from their partner. This financial independence equals freedom.


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3 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 92874 2018-12-18 : 09:01

Same as the U.S. where 70% of illegals are on welfare

Truth No. 92883 2018-12-18 : 11:52


By definition statistical analyses are impossible on 'illegals', as there are no reliable stats and documentation to begin with! They then can't claim welfare anyway.

Do you always rely on false information to generate an opinion? That's not the way to sound thinking.

Meme No. 92886 2018-12-18 : 12:50

I'm not sure what percentage of the refugee population in the total us is on assistance, however in the community im in it must be high. Last year a city representative asked the question and was called raceist by certain groups and told to shut up by LSS.

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