By: Savannah Smith | 12-18-2018 | News
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Japan - New AI-Powered Robot Pets “Lovot” Meant to Give Humans “Love”

Could this be the answer for people who lack the warmth of real relationships, or even the companionship of pets to feel the love they think they’re missing out on? Or is this a saddening sign of everything getting either virtual or artificial?

Combining the concepts of “love” and “robot” and bringing the two together, if, at all possible, a Japanese tech firm has come out with a robot companion meant to “make people happy.”

The product was unveiled on Tuesday by Groove X, a tech firm founded by a Softbank Robotics alumnus. Called the “lovot”, the robot pet was designed to “enhance levels of comfort and feelings of love.” The makers say it also has the ability to react to people’s mood courtesy of Groove X’s “Emotional Robotics” technology.

The robot’s designers give more descriptions on their website and say: “When you touch your Lovot, embrace it, even just watch it, you’ll find yourself relaxing, feeling better. It’s a little like feeling love toward another person.”

The makers and designers also boast that the robot pet will react to human moods and will do all it can to give their humans joy and to re-energize weary individuals.

The people behind the toy even proclaim that while Lovot may not be a living creature, it “will warm one’s heart.”

The toy for all the joy it is projected to bring, however, does not come cheap. It retails for $3,100.

Groove X also said that they hope that their launch will “spark an all-new relationship between robots and humans.”

The wheeled robots also come with around 50 sensors and employ the use of artificial intelligence to “mimic the behavior and emotions of a living being.”

The Lovot comes with a thermal camera that allows the robot pet to scan a room and immediately locate its owner, while touch sensors on its body encourage “the closeness between a mother and a child.”

The toy weighs around three kilograms and comes in various colors. The makers are now accepting pre-orders and will start shipment by autumn next year.


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Anonymous No. 92907 2018-12-19 : 02:12

Ummm, ok. Next up, all that technology from the lovot gets licensed to the makers of real flesh love dolls. "She can fake an orgasm just like a real woman and costs far, far less!"

Anonymous No. 92911 2018-12-19 : 03:53

how lonely are Japanese people that they'll come out with these? they don't even have pets? Oh gosh, what a rich poor country. Not all that money and technology can make them happy. Go to Bhutan or Cambodia instead where people are genuinely happy.

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