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MI - Company Owner Gives Away $4 Million In Christmas Bonus to Employees

It was just a normal holiday luncheon for the employees of a Michigan company until its owner made a surprisingly happy and welcome announcement- that he is giving away $4 million as a holiday bonus to be shared among full-time employees.

The promised money would be dispersed among employees based on tenure with the company.

It was music to the ears of the workers when FloraCraft owner and Chairman Lee Schoenherr took the stage on Friday and announced his sweet plan. He said: “What I’m going to do is I’m going to make available $4 million to be paid out in a couple of ways, part cash, part-year profit sharing, part in your 401K…my overriding reason for doing this is to show you my appreciation for all the hard work and the things you do. It doesn’t get unnoticed.”

Some employees were left stunned by the announcement, that some were even in tears. Some said they couldn’t believe their owner’s generosity, but we're grateful for the blessings that came their way this Yuletide season.

Employees with more than 40 years of service in the company got the top gifts and bonus that exceeded $60,000.

FloraCraft is a family-owned company known for making foam products for the craft and floral industries.

Schoenherr acknowledged that his employees are key to his company’s success, that is why they deserve to be rewarded. He said: “That’s my sole purpose for doing what I’m going to do. And that’s the only reason. There’s no other reason behind it except to say you guys and girls have been great.”

The owner also stressed that the employees’ energy, passion, and loyalty inspire him every day.

The holiday cheer brought by the bonus announcement by FloraCraft to its loyal employees are also being felt and celebrated by other people online.


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Richard No. 92919 2018-12-19 : 05:35

Good Move
Take note other owners.
If workers are kept poor who will buy your products ?

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